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Sunwalter is symphonic melodic metal band from Russia that was formed back in 2008, but I’ve never heard of them before. The only “release” they had these 5 years was the 2-track single “Space-Flight” in 2010. Finally in the end of February of 2013, they released their debut full-length album “SETI Evidence” via Russian label Grailight Productions.

As you can easily guess from the cover artwork and both album titles, the band’s concept is about space Read more…

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SIVYJ YAR – Навстречу Сумеркам – Towards the Twilight (EP)

SIVYI YAR - Towards the Twilight

Сивый Яр (Sivyj Yar) is the solo project of Vladimir from Russia. He formed this band in 2006 and the same year his first demo “Тьма Зимнего Безвременья” was also released. In 2009 the debut full-length album “Нощь (The Night)” was out via Elhaz Division and re-released in 2011 by Gardarika Musikk, including as bonus the EP “Оредеж“. In 2010 the 2-track EP “Край Непуганых Птиц” was released by Irii-Sad Productions and Read more…

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OPRICH – Небо Без Птиц

OPRICH - The Birdless Heavens

Опричь (Oprich) is a Russian pagan metal band from Rybinsk, formed back in 1998. Its founding members were in the hardcore band Kontra and they continued using this name in Опричь’s first steps. After the completion of their line-up and their new folk pagan oriented concept, they decided to change their name. Their first release was a split album with Kroda in 2005, followed by another split with Чур (Chur) in 2008. Finally in 2010 their debut full-length album “ Read more…

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Butterfly Temple are still alive and they have released their new work “Дыхание“, their 8th full-length album. Do you know the mythical serpent Lernaean Hydra? According to the ancient Greek myth, Lernaean Hydra was an immortal multi-headed beast that for each head cut off, it grew two more. Well, pretty much the same happens in Butterfly Temple’s case. This legendary band, one of the founders of Slavic pagan folk metal sound since 1995 and one of the main Read more…

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FFERYLLT – Прорицание

FFERYLLT - Proritsanie

Fferyllt is a Russian symphonic folk metal band from Krasnodor. The first traces of the band can be found back in 2003, when Dmitry Eliseev (keyboards) wanted to start a new pagan folk related musical project. The band completed its line-up in 2007, when they also released the demo “A Celtic Tale“. They suffered several line-up changes before releasing their debut full-length album “Dance of the Druids” via Stygian Crypt Productions in 2009. Even more line-up Read more…

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On 15th of September 2012, Russian label SoundAge Productions released a very interesting split album of two new Russian pagan folk metal bands. Сердце-Камень (Serdce-Kamen) is the new band of Alexey «Nightbird» Solovyev (ex-frontman, bassist, composer and poet of Alkonost from 1996 till 2010). Духи Предков (Dukhi Predkov) is a young band, coming from the coast of great Russian river Volga and they have already released a full-length album.

Сердце-Камень contribute to this album with the 4-track EP “Жизнь Read more…

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BEER BEAR – За Незримой Чертой

BEER BEAR - Beyond the Invisible Line

Russian folk metallers Beer Bear return with their second album “За Незримой Чертой (Beyond the Invisible Line)“. The band started in the beginning of 2008 under the name Nordheim, playing pagan metal. Very soon they decided to add folk and punk elements in their sound and the bear concept in their lyrics, so they changed their name to Beer Bear! They released a demo in 2009 and in the end of 2010 their first full-length album “Мёд Read more…

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IZMOROZ – Зигомёд

IZMOROZ - Zigomed

Изморозь is a very bizarre folk metal band from Russia. They were formed in 2006 as a side project of Ashen Light and most of their members are, or were on Ashen Light, while all of them participate on several other bands too. So I don’t know if Изморозь is their main project or not, but the band is over-productive and they have already released 6 full-length albums plus an EP/live/best of album! Their last work is “ЗигомёдRead more…

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