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Gjallarhorn is a Russian band that was formed back in 2000, but never released anything until now. They come from Kemerovo in Siberia and as you can guess by their name they started as a Viking metal band. Their debut album “Фолькванг” was released in the end of 2011 by the Russian label Musica Production, but it has almost nothing to do with the Viking genre in my opinion.

They play epic melodic atmospheric black metal with some Read more…

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TOПЬ – Летели Вороны

TOP - Leteli Vorony

Топь (“swamp” in English) is a new band from Moscow, Russia. They were formed in 2007 by Sventoyar (also on Beer Bear) and Hort. They never released any demo, so their debut album “Летели Вороны” came totally out of nowhere. Their music is advertised as shamanic folk black metal and the album was released by one of the biggest Russian labels, SoundAge Productions.

I don’t know if the description above is the best to define their music. What Read more…

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BASTION – Рассвет Сварога

BASTION - Rassvet Svaroga

Bastion (Бастион) is a Russian band that was formed back in 2002, but never released a full-length album, until the July of 2011. At their early steps they used to play heavy / power metal, but soon enough they changed their style into pagan folk metal. After a few demos and many line-up changes their debut album “Рассвет Сварога / Dawn of Swarog” was finally released with the cooperation of two Russian labels, Volh Records and Der Schwarze Read more…

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BLACKTHORN – Codex Archaos

BLACKTHORN - Codex Archaos

Blackthorn is a very interesting band from Russia. They belong in the gothic metal genre, with many symphonic black metal elements in their music. What is special about them is that all their five members are female. They were formed in 2004 by Aina, their lead vocalist and in 2007 they released the demo “The Prologue of Eschaton”. In 2009 Blackthorn released their debut album “Gossamer Witchcraft” with the English label Ravenheart Music, as well as Read more…

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RAROG – Syny Sokola

RAROG - Syny Sokola

Rarog (Рарогъ) is another fine example of the huge Russian pagan folk metal scene. They were formed in 2004 and their debut album “Аз Бога Ведаю!” came out in 2006. After many line-up changes and a long absence they returned last year with the amazing “Взойди Солнце”. In 2012 they offer us their 3rd full-length “Сыны Сокола” released like their previous one by the largest Russian label of the genre, SoundAge Productions.

Рарогъ try Read more…

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NEVID – Agarta

NEVID - Agarta

Nevid is another Russian folk pagan metal band that was formed in 2004 by 3 former Butterfly Temple members, including Lesiar, who was actually the founding member of both bands. At that time Ksenia of Kalevala, was also in the band, singing the female vocals until the second album. Anyway Nevid had many line-up changes all these years and only two of the founding members are still in the band. They had released 3 full-length albums before “Agarta”, Read more…

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ARKONA – Slovo

ARKONA - Slovo

Slovo” is the latest album from Arkona. The most successful Russian pagan folk metal band is already celebrating 10 years since its creation. This is their sixth full-length album, two years after “Гой, Роде, Гой!” and it is released again by Napalm Records for European and worldwide distribution and by SoundAge Productions for the Baltic lands.

As expected, Arkona created another great album. The band has already carved its own personal style and they are now Read more…

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GRAI – О Земле Родной

GRAJ - O Zemle Rodnoy

Folk metal seems to be quite popular in Russia, with many new bands popping up once in a while. Грай (Grai) is one typical example of these bands and a good one. They were formed in 2005 and changed their name twice before their first demo in 2007. They finally released their debut album “Полынь-Трава” in 2009 with Volh Records. After the good reviews they got, they managed to get a deal with SoundAge Productions (the biggest label Read more…

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