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ZARIA – Po poti življenja

ZARIA - Po Poti Zivljenja

Folk metal band Zaria from Slovenia has recently released its debut full-length album, entitled “Po poti življenja“. This new band from the town of Medvode was formed in 2011 by Inez and Miha, both ex-members of another Slovenian folk metal band, Brezno. Until 2012 their 6-piece line-up was completed and Zaria released their first EP “Sij obzorja” in 2013. In 2014 the band worked on its debut album and on December 18th they managed to self-release Read more…

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Brezno is a Slovenian epic symphonic folk metal band from Ljubljana. They started in 2007 and after some concerts in Slovenia and abroad, they released the 4-track EP “Viharnik” in 2010. With a refreshed line-up, including a new lead female singer, the band started working on its debut full-length album, entitled “Kri“, which was finally self-released by Brezno on November 21, 2014.       Read more…

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VELDES – Skyward (EP)

VELDES - Skyward

Slovenian atmospheric black metal project Veldes is back with its new work, the 4-track EP “Skyward“. The band was formed in 2012 by Tilen Šimon from Bled, who composes and performs all music and writes the lyrics. In 2013 Veldes released the debut full-length album “To Drown in Bleeding Hope” via the American label Razed Soul Productions. On July 22nd 2014, the new EP was out, again by the same label.          Read more…

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VELDES – To Drown in Bleeding Hope

VELDES - To Drown in Bleeding Hope

Veldes is a new atmospheric black metal band, the personal project of Tilen Šimon from Bled, Slovenia, who formed this project in 2012. The town of Bled was initially (around 1.004 AD) written as Ueldes or Veldes and the etymology of the name is believed to be of pre-Slavic origin. As can someone easily guess, the music of the band is deeply inspired by the unique dark atmosphere of this Alpine town, built alongside a glacial lake! The full-length album Read more…

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ZARIA – Sij Obzorja (EP)

ZARIA - Sij Obzorja

Zaria is a new Slovenian folk metal band from Medvode that was formed in Spring of 2011 by Inez (vocals, flute) and Miha (guitars). After the completion of their line-up, they started their first live appearances in 2012 and then they decided to enter the studio to record their first 4 songs. Finally in March 2013 the band released these tracks in a self financed EP, entitled “Sij Obzorja“.

Zaria play melodic folk metal with female vocals and Read more…

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