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LOU QUINSE – Rondeau de la Forca

LOU QUINSE - Rondeau de la Forca

Lou Quinse is a very interesting Italian folk metal from Turin, formed back in 2005. Their name means “15″ in the Francoprovençal dialect, an ancient language spoken in east-central France, western Switzerland, and northwestern Italy. Since its inception, the band mixed Occitan Alpine folk music and traditional instruments with extreme metal and in 2008 released the EP “Lou Quinse“. In 2011 they self-released their debut full-length album “Rondeau de la Forca“, an album I only recently Read more…

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YONDER REALM – Beyond a Long Lost World (EP)

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Yonder Realm is a new epic folk death metal band from Long Island, New York. They were formed in 2009 by Jesse McGunnigle and Edward Delinden, who both played in the melodic death metal band inRed. The same year they released the demo “Reclaiming the Throne (Of Madness)” and started their first gigs. After the departure of Edward in 2010, Jesse gathered a new line-up for live shows and Yonder Realm started recording their debut EP, “Beyond Read more…

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ELDENSKY – From Forgotten Pagan Realms

ELDENSKY - From Forgotten Pagan Realms

Eldensky is the personal project of Beren Tol Galen from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Beren Tol Galen (also in Canadian epic black metallers Maglor) formed Eldensky in the beginning of 2007. The same year the band released the instrumental demo “Elder Tales” under Beren Tol Galen’s own label, Sounds of the Land Records. He kept on working and developing his band’s sound and finally in 2011 he released the debut full-length album “From Forgotten Pagan RealmsRead more…

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ASTRAL WINTER – Winter Enthroned

ASTRAL WINTER - Winter Enthroned

Astral Winter is a one-man melodic black metal band from Tasmania Australia. They were formed in 2008 by Josh Young (also in Atra Vetosus, Hammerstorm, Lost in Desolation) and next year Phil Hemsworth joined him in the vocals. With this line-up the band released the demo “Illustrations of Death” in 2009 via Josh Young’s own label Immortal Frost Productions (Josh left the label and now Surtur from Belgium runs it). In 2011 Phil left the band, so Astral Read more…

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AN NORVYS – One and All (EP)

AN NORVYS - One and All

An Norvys is a new folk metal band from Cantal, Auverge in Central France. They were formed in 2009 with the intention to give new breath to legends of Cornwall, a Celtic region in South Western Britain. Their name is actually in Cornish language and it means Earth. This six-piece band self-released its debut demo EP “One and All” on January 2011, but it was a few days ago that I got it in my hands.

This 4-track Read more…

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MORADIN – Ancient Stone & Mystic Woods

MORADIN - Ancient Stone & Mystic Woods

A wonderful atmospheric melodic black metal band comes from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Moradin began in 2006 as a solo project of David Horrocks and have undergone several line-up changes and musical redirections. In 2009 the band released the EP “Heart of the Forest” playing epic, raw, yet melodic black metal. In 2011 they self-released their debut full-length album “Ancient Stone & Mystic Woods“, going to a more atmospheric black metal approach, while they recently released Read more…

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A new folk metal band is rising from the ever growing Canadian metal scene. Trobar were founded in 2009 in Rimouski, Quebec by two ex-members of Tenebrae Symphonia. After completing their line-up with four more members, the band played some gigs and started preparing its debut work. The result is the 5-track EP “Vÿs“, released in the beginning of 2011.

Despite the fact it contains only 5 songs, the album lasts for over 27 minutes, so with one Read more…

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VALKNACHT – Chants de Guerre

VALKNACHT - Chants de Guerre

Heathen epic black metallers Valknacht from Quebek return with their first full-length album. This Canadian band was formed in 2005 by Thorleïf, the mastermind behind Valknacht. After many efforts, he gathered the right musicians and as a full band they released the album “When the Might of the Storm Becomes Mine” via the local label Les Productions Hérétiques. According to their biography they consider it as a demo! Anyway, two years later, in 2011, Valknacht released their officially Read more…

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