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CRYSTALMOORS – Circle of the Five Serpents

CRYSTALMOORS - Circle of the Five Serpents

CrystalMoors is a Spanish pagan metal band from Santander, Cantabria. They began in 1995 as a personal side-project of Erun-Dagoth, whose main band was Eldereon (ex-Moonshine). The early steps of CrystalMoors were closer to underground black metal. With the passing of time, the band got a full line-up and more Celtic folk influences were added to its sound. After three demos, they finally released their debut EP “The Unconquered Land” in 2003, followed 4 years later by the Read more…

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Red Descending is a melodic death metal band from Perth, Australia. They were formed in 2003 and  they released a demo and a DVD in 2004! Their debut full-length album “Where Dreams Come to Die” came out 4 years later in 2008, receiving great feedback. With the addition of Cabba on guitars (also on Claim the Throne as Baronaxe) the band got a more melodic sound and on August 2011 they released their second album “Kingdoms“. Read more…

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FOLKENTROLL – Jester of Chaos

FOLKENTROLL - Jester of Chaos

FolkenTroll is a new folk metal band from Lecce, Italy. They were born in 2009 by Marco Carangelo (guitars) and Luca de Marco (bass). They soon completed their line-up and started composing their own songs, covering Korpiklaani songs and participating in many gigs. They soon decided to release their debut EP, choosing their best songs so far. So in 2011 they entered the studio as a six-piece band and released the mini CD “Jester of Chaos“.

The band Read more…

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ANDRASTE – The Secret Valley

ANDRASTE - The Secret Valley

Andraste is a new folk metal band from Manchester, England. They were formed by Coll and Jorund in 2008. Soon more musicians joined them, until the band got a full line-up. After two demos “Andraste” in 2009 and “Realm of the Supernatural” in 2010, the band felt ready to self-release its debut full-length album “The Secret Valley” in the end of 2011.

One thing is for sure: Andraste is not the typical folk metal Read more…

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SLARTIBARTFASS – Schwarz Verhüllt

SLARTIBARTFASS - Schwarz Verhullt

Slartibartfass is a German folk metal band formed in 2005. They began as a typical Viking black / death metal band, with a lot of synths. Their first album “Nordwind” was released in 2006 by Trollzorn, like their second one “Nebelheim” in 2007. The second album was better produced with less Finntroll influences. In 2009 they released “Funkenfeuer” via Ketzer Records and things became much better! Their music was more complex, expressive and theatrical, Read more…

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NÚMENOR – Opus Draconis (EP)

NUMENOR - Opus Draconis

Númenor is an epic symphonic black metal band from Serbia, formed by Despot Marko Miranović. Actually the project began in 2004, under the name Franconian Frost that soon changed into Esgaroth. After 5 years they finalized their musical and conceptual direction and in 2009 they were reborn as Númenor, releasing a split tape with Forlorn Wisp. In 2011 they published their first official miniCD “Opus Draconis” and the tape EP “The Forgotten Legends” including only 2 Read more…

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DRAGOBRATH – WhisperHerbs

DRAGOBRATH - WhisperHerbs

Dragobrath was one of the many bands (Kroda, Capitollium, Leadhaze, among others) where Yulian Mytsyk (aka Viterzgir) participated, before he fully devotes himself to Viter. Actually Dragobrath was one of his solo-projects, since he only used some guest musicians in their albums, mostly in the vocals. This band was formed in 2004 and took its name from a mountain area in the Carpathians. Yulian used the nickname Synevir for Dragobrath and he released 3 full-length albums before “WhisperHerbsRead more…

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XIV Dark Centuries is another band performing Thuringian pagan metal. They were founded in 1998, the era where most bands of the genre began. After 2 demos this German band released its promising debut album “…den Ahnen zum Grusse…” on CCP Records. 2 years later the EP “Jul” was out again on CCP. Then they signed with Perverted Taste that released their second full-length “Skithingi” in 2006. After that, XIV Dark Centuries remained silent Read more…

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