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GRIM MARS – Defiled Earthen Architectures

GRIM MARS - Defiled Earthen Architectures

Grim Mars is a new black death metal band from Sudbury, Ontario of Canada. The band was founded in 2007 by Greg Mars (also in Wolven Ancestry) under the name Grim. In 2011 his band-mate Vesper joined him and together they formed Grim Mars, a band with a totally different lyrical concept. On December 21st, 2012 the band released its debut full-length album “Defiled Earthen Architectures” via the Canadian label Archaic North Entertainment and this remains their only Read more…

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СИМФОНИЯ УЖАСА – Марш Проклятых

SYMPHONIYA UZHASA - March Proklyatyh

Симфония Ужаса (Symphoniya Uzhasa) is the first metal band from Kazakhstan I’ve ever listened to. They were formed in the end of 2008, originating from Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. The band’s name, which translates to Symphony of Horror, was chosen a few days before they start their live activity in the Spring of 2009. The band has undergone several line-up changes since then and finally in the end of August 2011 they began recording their first album as Read more…

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OBSCURUS ORBIS – Primus Inter Pares

OBSCURUS ORBIS - Primus Inter Pares

Obscurus Orbis is a Latvian medieval music band, formed back in 2007 by Lord Mortis and Veina. They met the other band members while traveling to various medieval themed events and slowly the line-up was complete. Obscurus Orbis use ancient musical instruments and they try to create an atmosphere that will transfer the listener to Medieval times. In 2012 the band finally decided to self-release its debut full-length album “Primus Inter Pares” after many years of hard work.               Read more…

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ELDERWIND – Волшебство Живой Природы

ELDERWIND - The Magic of Nature

An enchanting masterpiece of atmospheric black metal comes from this new Russian band. Elderwind were formed in 2009 by Vyacheslav (music, all instruments) from Yekaterinburg, on the border of Europe and Asia. Soon two more members, Alexandr (vocals) and Andrey (drums), joined him and as a trio the band worked on its debut full-length “Волшебство Живой Природы – The Magic of Nature“. The album was released at the end of 2012 by Deleting Soul Records, a Nihil Art Read more…

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RAUHNÅCHT – Waldeinsamkeit (EP)

RAUHNACHT - Waldeinsamkeit

Austrian Alpine black metal band Rauhnåcht from Untersberg, the personal project of Stefan Traunmüller, will soon release its second full-length work “Urzeitgeist“. In the end of 2012 the band released a wonderful EP entitled “Waldeinsamkeit“, an album that was actually composed between 2003 and 2009, before the “official” creation of the band in 2010. In the end of 2010 Rauhnåcht released their debut album “Vorweltschweigen” and in 2012 the split EP “Zur Ew’gen Read more…

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KANSEIL – Tzimbar Bint (Demo)

KANSEIL - Tzimbar Bint

Kanseil is a new folk metal band from Italy that has gained my respect with their beautiful demo. They come from Fregona, a municipality of the Province of Treviso in Veneto. It is located at the feet of Cansiglio, a plateau in the northern-Italian Prealps, from which the band took its name (Cansiglio = Canséi or Canséjo in Venetian language). Kanseil were formed in the end of 2010 and soon started playing at local gigs and events, either as a Read more…

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FORODWAITH – Nirnaeth Arnediad

FORODWAITH - Nirnaeth Arnediad

A very well hidden treasure of fantasy folk melodic death metal comes from Vitebsk of Belarus. Forodwaith was formed in 2006 as a melodic death metal band inspired by the books of Tolkien, something reflected on their name too. In the end of 2007 their first demo “Nazgul Attack” was out and the band started touring in Belarus and abroad. In 2010 they recorded their debut album “Nirnaeth Arnediad“, but they managed to self-release it no Read more…

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XIPE TOTEK KALPUL – Uitsnauatlampaj

XIPE TOTEK KALPUL - Uitsnauatlampaj

Xipe Totek Kalpul is a Mexican folk black metal band from México City, formed on August of 2006. Since its beginning the band is constantly changing and evolving both musically and philosophically. Band members are on a continuous research on the various indigenous cultures of Mexico and America and on their music. They released their first demo “Yohualahuanatzin” in 2009 followed by the debut EP “Xoxopantla“, later the same year. In 2012 they self-released their first Read more…

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