GREAT VAST FOREST new album out soon

GREAT VAST FOREST - From the Dark Times to the Black Metal Legions

Brazilian black metallers Great Vast Forest will release their new album “From the Dark Times to the Black Metal Legions” on October 31st, via by Brazil’s Mutilation Records. It is the second full-legth album of one of the important and most extreme names of the Brazilian cult black metal scene, a band formed back in 1995. The new opus follows the musical and ideological line already consecrated by the same, but, more extreme. There are 10 tracks of pure black metal allied to an atmosphere of ancient, dark, profane and epic times, accompanied by an excellent graphic work. The album was produced and recorded by the band and it was mixed and mastered by Ivan Pellicciotti (bass player of the band Vulcano and owner and producer of O Beco Estúdio). “From the Read more

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FRAGARAK new album details unveiled

FRAGARAK - A Spectral Oblivion - cover

Indian experimental extreme / death metal band Fragarak from New Delhi will release its sophomore full-length album “A Spectral Oblivion” on October 30, 2017 via Transcending Obscurity (India). Fragarak have come up with an album of epic proportions. Featuring Louis Rando of Impiety on drums, they’ve fabricated elaborate songs that are both atmospheric and suspenseful. Their first album was groundbreaking in its vision, but with “A Spectral Oblivion” they’ve truly proved their worth. This is a statement of sorts that bands from this part of the world too can come up with music that’s original. Though steeped in classic death metal, they’ve done well to expand upon that style and add their own aura of mysticism and intrigue. Albums like these Read more

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E-AN-NA official video for “Epitaf”

Romanian folk metallers E-an-na present the official music video for their new single “Epitaf“, released on October 28th, 2017.

E-an-na @ Facebook
E-an-na @ Twitter
E-an-na @ Bandcamp

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CLAIM THE THRONE official video for “Spirit of Fire”

Folk melodic death metal band Claim the Throne from Perth, Australia launched its new official music video for the song “Spirit of Fire” taken from the recently released 5th full-length album “On Desolate Plains”.

Claim the Throne official page
Claim the Throne @ Facebook
Claim the Throne @ Twitter
Claim the Throne @ Bandcamp

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DALRIADA unveil upcoming album details

DALRIADA - Nyaruto

Hungarian folk metallers Dalriada from Sopron reveal the first details of their upcoming 8th full-length album, entitled “Nyárutó“, scheduled for release in early 2018 by Nail Records. Album title refers to the folkish name of the month August – following the traditions as every Dalriada album dedicated to a month in line. One unified, ambitious, in terms of its musical keys something similar to the previous records’ vehement wildness album was born, which is still deeply interlaced by the power and effect of the Hungarian folk music and cultural patrimony. Amongst the covered themes, there’s one saga from Szent István’s period (the founding of the Hungarian state) but ancient Hungarian folk tales, a song about the medieval witch trials, some tracks in Read more

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HILDR VALKYRIE official video for “The Rune’s Song”

Greek heathen metal band Hildr Valkyrie presents the official music video for the song “The Rune’s Song” taken from its upcoming album “Revealing the Heathen Sun“.

Hildr Valkyrie official page
Hildr Valkyrie @ Facebook

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ELUVEITIE official video for “Rebirth”

Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie present the official music video for their new single “Rebirth“.

Eluveitie official page
Eluveitie @ Facebook
Eluveitie @ Twitter

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RISE OF AVERNUS unveil new album details


Australian orchestral death metallers Rise of Avernus from Sydney will release their highly anticipated second full-length album titled “Eigengrau” on January 18th, 2018 via Code666. After extensive touring following the release of the 2015 EP “Dramatis Personae“, which saw Rise of Avernus touring nationally and internationally alongside bands such as Eternal Tears 0f Sorrow, Arcturus, 1349, Eluveitie, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Sigh, Rise of Avernus are winding up to share their latest offering in January 2018. “Eigengrau” is the experience of seeing a deep grey shade in the total absence of visible light. What one may refer to as a ‘perfect darkness’. Upon this canvas, an individual can project their subconscious, their processes, their anxieties, their fears.       Read more

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