ÁRSTÍÐIR LÍFSINS unveil upcoming EP details


German / Icelandic pagan black metallers Árstíðir lífsins have unveiled the first details of their upcoming EP “Heljarkviða“. The new EP will be available on December 19th 2016 via Ván Records, both on digipak CD and blue-colored vinyl. It will include 2 new songs, with more than 40 minutes total playtime (longer than many full-length album)! “Heljarkviða” is meant to depict the Old Norse kingdom of Helheimr; a place for the slain who suffer a ‘helsótt’, a fatal illness. They are the ones who are not chosen to travel to the joyful and venerated halls of Óðinn and Freyja, but are instead taken to the kingdom of death, to Hel. It was in early 2014 when Árni (Carpe Noctem, Wöljager), Stefán (Kerbenok, Wöljager) and Marsél (Helrunar, Wöljager) initially started to compose music with the intention to set this gloomy mythological Read more

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NOKTURNAL MORTUM reveal upcoming album teaser

Ukrainian folk pagan black metallers Nokturnal Mortum have released the official video teaser for their upcoming full-length album “Істина / Verity“, which is coming this winter.

Nokturnal Mortum official page
Nokturnal Mortum @ Facebook
Nokturnal Mortum @ Twitter
Nokturnal Mortum @ VK
Nokturnal Mortum @ Bandcamp

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ODR release new single

ODR - Fuochi nelle Valli

Italian folk pagan black metallers Odr from Turin have just released the single “Fuochi nelle Valli” taken from their upcoming full-length album, scheduled for release in 2017. The song tells of an ancient history of persecution and violence that struck the valleys of their region Piedmont in Italy. It talks about witch-hunting that took place in the middle-ages. From a stylistic point of view, the music in ”Fuochi nelle Valli” is getting a bit darker, with less traditional folk melodies and more harmonies, resulting from various music genres, from classical music to black metal. The future full-length album will be an homage to the music Odr like and they listen to, in all of its forms and different kinds, and will contain many citations from it. That’s what probably Odr style is based to…             Read more

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E-AN-NA official video for “Înșivă”

Romanian folk metal band E-an-na from Sibiu has released the official music video for the song “Înșivă” from its debut EP “Jiana“.

The video was directed & produced by BlueCat Studio. The track was mixed & mastered by Bornuz Vlad at Blana Recording Studio.

E-an-na @ Facebook
E-an-na @ Twitter
E-an-na @ Bandcamp

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PIMEÄ METSÄ reveal upcoming album details

PIMEA METSA - No Blood No Glory

Spanish Viking folk metal band Pimeä Metsä from Madrid has just signed a record deal with the Italian label WormHoleDeath (an Aural Music division) for the worldwide release of its second full-length album “No Blood, No Glory“. Pimeä Metsä entered the studio during September and October 2016 and the result is an album which is a step forward in the compositional plane, without leaving their identity. Their sound has been enriched with a greater variety of nuances and more elaborate arrangements, increasing the speed and colour of the new pieces. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at The Metal Factory Studios, in Madrid, by Alex Cappa (who has worked with the most important Spanish metal bands like Hamlet, Skunk DF, Vita Imana, 037 / Leo, etc.). “No Blood, No Glory” will be Read more

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CAOIMHÍN release first single, reveal details of debut EP

CAOIMHIN - The Age of Wolves

Caoimhín is a new international black metal project split between United States, United Kingdom and Norway. As a music project, they seek to mirror the unrelenting force and silent tranquility of the untouched wilderness. On November 28th, 2016 the band released its first single “Víðarr“, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Simonsen at the Secret Quarters studios. All its lyrics come from various stanzas in the “Völuspá” poem of the “Poetic Edda“. “Víðarr” is a part of the forthcoming two-track EP entitled “The Age of Wolves“, which will be out in the beginning of 2017 via Black Lion Records, framed in a physical form as a 4 panel digipak limited to 200 copies worldwide. Later in 2017, Caoimhín will release their debut full-length album, entitled “A River Bears Westward“. Kevin Pribulsky, the band’s composer, is Read more

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HYPOCRAS ready to release new EP

HYPOCRAS - Implosive

Swiss death Viking folk metallers Hypocras from Geneva will release their new EP “Implosive” tomorrow, on Friday November 25th, 2016. The band has begun in 2006 as an instrumental projet by Arnaud Aebi and Samuel Jakubec, but the actual line-up dates from 2008. They released their first EP “Burning Drakkard” in 2010 and their debut album “The Seed of Wrath” in 2013. The upcoming EP will be initially available for digital download on Hypocras’ official Bandcamp page. However in early December 2016 it will also be self-released in digisleeve CD edition. The band has unveiled the beautiful cover artwork, created by Diego Graham and the EP tracklist.

1. Implosive Absolution            Read more

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TROLLFEST reveal upcoming album news


Norwegian Balkan metallers Trollfest are going to release their new full-length album “Helluva” on February 24th, 2017 via NoiseArt Records. And the seventh studio album promises to be a helluva album. The Trolls once more bring their mix of extreme metal and Balkan influences to a new level with an added brass section, combined with more Kaos! The band has just revealed the cover artwork and the tracklist of the upcoming album. Trollmannen states about the cover: “Look at our splendid cover people! We have once again allied ourselves with the ever brilliant master pen Jonas Darnell. As you can see, the cover has a picture of Professor Otto, Camouflage Clair and Steel Sarah while they are running from something Read more

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