GRIMNER official video for “En Fallen Jätte”

Sweden’s Viking folk metallers Grimner present the official video for “En Fallen Jätte“, the second single from their upcoming album “Vanadrottning“, scheduled for release on February 9th, 2018 via Despotz Redords.

Vanadrottning” is available for pre-order at their label’s webshop.

Grimner official page
Grimner @ Facebook             Read more

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TAMERLAN EMPIRE released debut album

TAMERLAN EMPIRE - Age of Ascendancy

Symphonic middle eastern black metal band Tamerlan Empire from Sydney, Australia (with roots from Uzbekistan) proudly presents its highly anticipated debut full-length album titled “Age of Ascendancy“. The album is released today digitally via Metal Hell Records, featuring 11 tracks of symphonic middle eastern black metal with real ethnic and orchestral instruments. The CD version, also via Metal Hell Records, is scheduled for the beginning of March 2018, presented with an 8-page lyrics booklet housed in a crystal clear jewel case box. It will also include a free 1.25″ pin back button, vinyl logo sticker and download code for the digital version of the album. It is already Read more

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NORRSINNT released “Ljusväg” single and video

Folk metal band Norrsinnt, the personal project of Enslig from Sweden has released its first work for 2018, a new “EP” with 3 versions of the song “Ljusväg“, recorded during winter solstice 2017. The band has also produced some video images to go with the new release.

1. Ljusväg – 04:18
2. Ljusväg (extended edition) – 05:34         Read more

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ZEL AGGANOR released debut EP

ZEL AGGANOR - Rise of the Black Star

Epic symphonic black metal band Zel Agganor from York, England released its debut EP “Rise of the Black Star” on December 30, 2017. Zel Agganor is the personal project of Henry Mahy, conceived in 2016 with the intention to reveal and explore a darkly mystical realm and tell its tales through the medium of symphonic black metal. Each track is a chapter of the story, heavily featuring narrated vocals alongside a more traditional growling style. “Rise of the Black Star” is the first, five-chapter installment of a symphonic metal saga of tales of a darkly mystical fantasy realm. The lyrics reveal the story of an obscure religious cult who has uncovered the secrets of a long-forgotten legacy that once brought total devastation to the world, and the beginnings of a malevolent campaign to bring about a new age of darkness and chaos.

1. Profane Rites of Summoning              Read more

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BLOODSHED WALHALLA will release new single

BLOODSHED WALHALLA - The Walls of Asgard - The Pact

On January 15th, 2018, Italian Viking metallers Bloodshed Walhalla, the personal project of Drakhen from Matera, Basilicata will release a new single. It is a huge 26-minutes unreleased song, entitled “The Walls of Asgard (The Pact)“, entirely written, recorded, mixed and produced by Drakhen in collaboration with the label Fog Foundation. All instruments and vocals are performed by Drakhen. The song can only be downloaded in digital format and for now there are no physical copies. The lyrics of “The Walls of Asgard (The Pact)” speak of the construction of the walls of Asgard, and of the pact of the Gods with craftsman.

Bloodshed Walhalla @ Facebook

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ARKONA official video for “В погоне за белой тенью”

Russian pagan folk metallers Аркона (Arkona) present their official animated music video for the song “В погоне за белой тенью – In Pursuit of the White Shadow” taken from their upcoming full-length album “Храм – Khram” (“The Temple”), scheduled for release on January 19th, 2018 via Napalm Records and SoundAge Productions.

The song’s title means “in pursuit of non-existent”. The video footage is based on the song’s plot, and it concerns the pursuit of an illusion – the pursuit of something invisible, that, in fact, does not exist at all, but we Read more

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CELTACHOR unveil first details of upcoming album

CELTACHOR - Fiannaiocht

Darkened Celtic folk metallers Celtachor from Dublin, Ireland have just revealed the first details of their upcoming third full-length album, called “Fiannaíocht“. It is the first chapter about Finn of the Fianna: his youth and training with the druid Finegas in the forests of Ireland, the killing of Aillen, the fire breathing terror of the Tuatha dé Danann, the capture of the Cauldron of Plenty, amongst many other of his great feats for the Fianna. He is one of Irish mythologies’ greatest heroes, and there are many more of his tales to tell… This is just the beginning. Celtachor have unveiled the beautiful album cover by Anaïs Chareyre Art. The artwork represents Finn of the Fianna, with his hounds Bran and Sceolang, in the desperate search for Read more

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REGNAT HORRENDUM released debut album


Russian heathen black metal band Regnat Horrendum from Kaliningrad has just released today its debut full-length album “Heathenland“. Regnat Horrendum was formed in 2017 by musicians of Moongates Guardian as a new project whose music will deal with historical themes, occultism, paganism and literary influences. “Heathenland” is currently released only digitally and it is available in the band’s official Bandcamp page, but it will be soon released in CD format too. For the cover artwork Regnat Horrendum have chosen a work of Juhan Christian Klausen Dahl, a Norwegian artist of the mid-19th century.

1. The Flame of Purification
2. Halls of Chernobog                            Read more

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