FORJA official video for “Muret”

Spanish folk metallers Forja from Terrassa present the official music video for the song “Muret” taken from their recently released debut full-length album “El Llibre dels Feyts“.

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LEMURIA present first teaser of upcoming album

Belgian symphonic black metal band Lemuria from Antwerp will release its third full-length album in 2018. The band will hopefully finish recordings by the end of January and the album will be out mid 2018. Here is a short first teaser:

Like their first two albums, this new work will be a concept album, dealing with one of the most intriguing mysteries in French history, with a sound that will be way more aggressive and different than Lemuria has ever done. Album title, tracklist and cover Read more

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MORVHEIM unveil upcoming album details

MORVHEIM - Airships

Canadian melodic extreme fantasy metal band Morvheim from Toronto will release its new full-length album “Airships” in early 2018. Get ready for our most eclectic and -yes- intense album yet. Morvheim dialed back the atmospheric elements in favor of creating something more visceral and riff-based. That being said, the dreamy keyboards which have always defined Morvheim are still in full force, and “Airships” has plenty of epicness to go around. The band has just unveiled the cover artwork and the album tracklist. Release date will be soon announced.

1. A World Away
2. The Inventor                 Read more

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BATTLE TALES reveal debut album details

BATTLE TALES - The Ire of the Condemned

Swiss folk metallers Battle Tales will release their debut full-length album “The Ire of the Condemned” on 12th of January 2018. Battle Tales is a young folk metal band, gathered to tell us grim and bloody tales with an epic and melodic mood. They were formed in 2013 and released a 3-track demo on September 2015. “The Ire of the Condemned” is a concept album, telling along its 9 songs the story of a young bard, bearer of a haunted flute against his will, who brings with him madness, violence and desolation wherever he goes. The lyrics and the music will tell how his maleficent burden spreads its doom and how the young bard will manage to put an end to this curse. Battle Tales have revealed the album tracklist, as well as the cover artwork, made by the very talented Polish illustrator Mariusz Ganzel. Below, you can watch the official music video for Read more

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GRIMNER unveil upcoming album details

GRIMNER - Vanadrottning

Swedish Viking folk metallers Grimner from Motala will release their third full-length album “Vanadrottning” on February 9th, 2018 through Despotz Records! “Vanadrottning” translates to “Queen of the Vanir“, referring to the goddess Gullveig from the Norse mythology. She is known mostly from the tale of the war between the Aesir and the Vanir, when she was captured and burned alive by Oden and his herd. Each time they burned her she would be born anew, dying three times and resurrected three times, each time in immense agony. This album gives a new touch to their discography: a more heavy, powerful and rhythmic sound, together with a fantastic voice brought by their new member Martin. One can expect a dynamic, fresh and thrilling Read more

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SALDUIE official video for “Bosnerau”

Folk metal band Salduie from Zaragoza, Spain presents its new music video for the song “Bosnerau” taken from its latest album “Belos“.

‘Bosnerau’ is a being of the Aragonese and Basque-Navarrese mythologies, protector of the forests, flocks and shepherds, which it warns of the danger with its whistles, receiving in return some offerings. It lives in the valleys of Read more

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NORRSINNT released debut “full-length” album

NORRSINNT - Davahugg

Swedish folk metal project Norrsinnt has released on November 3, 2017 its first full-length album “Dåvahugg“, or better its first “official” compilation of songs. Norrsinnt is a solo project by Enslig (Mathias Gyllengahm, also in Utmarken) and was started in 2014. It draws its inspiration in the local environment, nature, folklore and esoteric traditions, and is realized through works of music, video, graphics and lyrics. Main musical components are metal and Scandinavian folk music, with Nyckelharpa being a key instrument in the compositions. “Dåvahugg” is an album of remixed versions of various tracks that were already released during a period ranging from 2014 and forward. It was never meant to be a complete album and many of the tracks can be seen as experiments. The songs were recorded on different equipment, Read more

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FOLKODIA released new album

FOLKODIA - Battle of the Milvian Bridge

International epic folk Viking metal project Folkodia has released its seventh full-length album, entitled “Battle of the Milvian Bridge” on the 19th of November 2017 via the Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions. It was released 4 years after their previous album “The Fall of the Magog”, a release that coincided with the loss of the founder and leader of Folkodia, Ruslanas Danisevskis (Metfolvik), who died after a long fight against cancer. Due to this loss, the band took a break and figured out that they still wanted to record albums and that Ruslanas would have liked it too. They also decided how they would do for now to handle the management side of the band and recordings. They finally finished recordings of their new album on early 2017. The Read more

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