CLAIM THE THRONE released new album

CLAIM THE THRONE - On Desolate Plains

Australia’s Claim the Throne have just released their epic fourth full-length album “On Desolate Plains“. Ripping apart folk metal with a merciless assault, finally a band is delivering an extreme take on melodies that fans of pagan and melodeath alike have been raging for. An epic slab of heavy folk-influenced melodic death metal that sees the band at the peak of their 10 year raid. The killer artwork design is by Michael Salas, capturing a journey of desolation through the harsh Australian desert. A man is lured into the deep nothingness, dehydrated and hallucinating, grasping for a stream that he can never reach, and feasted upon by the bird who lured him there. Claim the Throne have ruthlessly torn up stages around the world, leaving their mark as a top quality band who Read more

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GRAI unveil upcoming album details

GRAI - Ashes

Russian pagan folk metallers Грай (Grai) from Tatarstan will release their 4th full-length album “Ashes” on December 1st, 2017 via Noizgate Records on CD, LP and in digital format. In eleven brand new songs, the folk metal sextet from the Republic of Tartary in the east of Russia is combining classic metal elements like heavy e-guitar riffing, massive drums and harsh growls with traditional, folkloristic instruments and melodies and clear, polyphonic female vocals. The Russian lyrics deal with the memory of the past, tragic stories about (missing) love and life in general. “Ashes” is an album full of heart and passion: Just the right soundtrack to brighten gloomy winter days! To get you into the mood, Грай let you take a glimpse at the beautiful cover artwork and the album tracklist.

1. Haze
2. Song of Dead Water            Read more

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BLACK KIRIN animation music video for “NanKing Massacre”

Chinese folk black metallers 黑麒麟 (Black Kirin) present the animation music video for the song “NanKing Massacre” taken from their upcoming same titled full-length album, scheduled for release on November 2017.

Black Kirin @ Facebook
Black Kirin @ Bandcamp

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OVNEV reveal upcoming album details

OVNEV - Incalescence

American atmospheric black metal band Ovnev from Spring, Texas will release its second full-length album “Incalescence” via Naturmacht Productions on November 25, 2017. Ovnev is the personal project of ‘West’, who aims to channel the essence of the wilderness, heavily inspired by the scenic regions of rural America and harsh environments of the north. The band released a demo in 2015 and its debut full-length album “Cycle of Survival” in 2016. “Incalescence” is an expedition transitioning through multiple environments by using the power of atmospheric black metal. The concept of the album transfers the listener on a journey to Antarctica, where a subterranean passage is discovered that leads to a lush, thriving ecosystem untainted by human life. An entirely separate atmosphere and climate Read more

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VOLTUMNA official video for “Itinere Inferi”

Etruscan death black metal band Voltumna from Viterbo, Lazio presents the official video for the track “Itinere Inferi” taken from its upcoming full-length album “Dodecapoli“, scheduled for release on the 20th of October 2017 by Sleaszy Rider Records.

Directed by Guilherme Henriques, the videoclip was filmed in the Holy Forest close to the Fanum Voltumnae and in some of the Etruscan Read more

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PLEMЯ unveil upcoming debut album details and teaser

PLEMYA - Enuma Elis

Belarusian experimental ethno tribal metal band Plemя (Plemya) from Minsk will release its debut full-length album “Enūma Eliš” on November 1st, 2017 via SoundAge Productions. The album’s mixing and mastering was performed by Jaroslav Yukhnevich and it will be out both in jewel-case edition CD and digipak CD. Plemя have just revealed the official album teaser that you can watch below and get a first taste of what’s to come. Cover artwork and album tracklist are also unveiled. “Enūma Eliš” will be available digitally on November 1st 2017, while on November 19th there is a live presentation of  the album in Minsk and on December 16th in Moscow.       Read more

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INCURSED released new album and new EP

INCURSED - Amalur + The Slavic Covenant

In 2014 Incursed delighted the fans of melodic emphasized epic Viking metal with their acclaimed album “Elderslied“. Now the Basque masters return with a remarkably fine EP “The Slavic Covenant” and a nutritious full-length album “Amalur“, whereby the typical style of the playful band can be optimally represented. Officially, “The Slavic Covenant” was released on July 31, 2017. This EP serves as a harbinger for the new studio album “Amalur“, which was funded by the band with a crowdfunding campaign. The official release of “Amalur” was on September 25th. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered from November 2016 to June 2017 at Cursed Onion Studios and Chromaticity Studios. The five mercurial compositions on Read more

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KAWIR reveal upcoming album details and official lyric video

KAWIR - Exilasmos

Greek pagan black metallers Kawir will release their highly anticipated seventh full-length album, entitled “Exilasmos” on November 3rd, 2017 via Iron Bonehead Productions. “Exilasmos” will be available  in all 3 formats, CD, LP and tape. The band has revealed a lyric video for the new track “Orestes“, that you can watch below, as well as a special promo video for “Agamemnon“, also from the new album. Since 1993, Kawir have been one of the unsung pillars of the classic Greek black metal sound. While the names Rotting Christ, Varathron, and Necromantia are incredibly important to that style’s foundation, it was Kawir who kept the faith during the ’90s and into the new millennium. In 1994, the then-young band released two pivotal 7″s, “Eumenides” and a split with Read more

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