DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS reveal upcoming album details


Hailing from Poland, epic black  death metallers Devilish Impressions will release their new album, “The I” on September 22nd, 2017 via Lifeforce Records. The album will be available as CD digipak, limited vinyl LP and digital download. Recorded at various studios, including Dobra 12 Studio (drums) and Icaros Studio (guitars) the disc was mixed and mastered at Impressive-Art Studio by Przemyslaw Nowak who also handled vocals recording sessions and guitars’ re-amping. The album’s artwork, design and layout were created by Infected Minds. Photo session by Robert Zembrzycki and Pawel Kowalski of BandPhoto. The album features special guest appearances by Mercyful Fate / King Diamond’s guitarist Mike Wead and by Norway’s dark metal masters Read more

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CELTIBEERIAN official video for “The Wolf I Am”

Spanish folk metallers Celtibeerian present the official music video for the song “The Wolf I Am“. It is the first single from their upcoming full-length album “Deiwos“, scheduled for release on September 1st, 2017.

As the band states: “it has been an awesome experience for us to work with these wonderful animals. Many thanks in particular to “The Wolf House” for having let us record with these animals and Read more

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KARTIKEYA reveal upcoming album details


After 6 years of endless composing and re-composing, recording and re-recording, mixing and re-mixing and other wonders of nature, Russian ethnic metallers Kartkeya can finally give us a final and 100% accurate release date of their upcoming 3rd full-length album, entitled “Samudra“! So be it, on 19th of October, 2017, celebrating the Hindu festival of lights Diwali, Kartikeya will present the monument of a record, on which they have been working all these long years! And in the meantime, to tease your minds and eyes, the band would like to show you the cover art of ”Samudra” (made by their good friends Darius Alas and Christina Shapiro from Midiankai ARTS) and the final album tracklist!

1. Dharma pt. 1
2. Tandava                     Read more

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HIGHBORNE unveil new album details

HIGHBORNE - Visions of Retribution

American one-man black metal band Highborne, the personal project of Archon (also in Valiant) from Albuquerque, New Mexico is pleased to inform that the third full-length album “Visions of Retribution” will be released on October 13th, 2017. It will be Highborne’s biggest record to date, as Archon dares to cross new genre defying styles and progress his black metal experience even further. “Visions of Retribution” is the very vein of the meaning of Highborne and will conclude Archon’s tale that he began on the first two albums “Descent” and “The Dusk of Solitude“. Conceptually the record is about vengeance, and the punishment of one’s personal wrongdoing and the fear of retribution. Archon will include Scarification’s Rott on a few songs, and will as well feature a Bandcamp and CD bonus track cover of Darkthrone’s “In the Shadow Read more

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SYN ZE SASE TRI reveal upcoming album details


Romanian pagan black metallers Syn Ze Sase Tri from Timisoara are pleased to reveal the cover art and track listing for their upcoming fourth full-length album “Zăul Moș“, a work strongly inspired by the bloody myth of the Ancient Dacian Legends of their motherland Transylvania. 2016 was a very difficult year for Syn Ze Sase Tri, since most of the band members had to leave the band, due to loss of interest or personal problems. Corbu (one of the band’s founding members) finally decided to continue the band, recruiting new members: “Moș” on guitars, Florin “Dor” Gheorghiță on drums and Florin “Șuier” Costăchiță on vocals, all of them with experience in bands like Opus Ruina, Malpraxis, Necrovile, Ka Gaia An, An Theos or Dark Fusion. Syn Ze Sase Tri have renewed their contract with Aural Music / Code666 label and “Zăul Moș” will be released on September 29th 2017.

1. Tărîmu De Lumină
2. Dîn Negru Gînd                             Read more

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XANTHOCHROID official video for “In Deep and Wooded Forests of My Youth”

Cinematic black metal band Xanthochroid from Lake Forest, California, USA presents the official video for its new single “In Deep and Wooded Forests of My Youth“. The song will be included in the upcoming 2017 album “Of Erthe and Axen – Act I” out on August 22.

In Deep and Wooded Forests of My Youth” finds Vera pleading with Thanos to save the forest from his brother Sindr, who plans to Read more

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MYRKUR official video for “Ulvinde”

Myrkur, the personal project of  Amalie Bruun from Denmark, presents the official video for the song “Ulvinde” taken from the upcoming full-length album “Mareridt“, scheduled for release on September 15th, 2017 on CD, LP, DLX 2xLP and digital edition via Relapse Records.

Mareridt” can be pre-ordered in the label’s official web-store.

Myrkur official page
Myrkur @ Facebook
Myrkur @ Bandcamp

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THE PRIVATEER official video for “Where Fables Are Made”

German folk pirate metallers The Privateer present the official video for their new single “Where Fables Are Made” taken from their upcoming third full-length album “The Goldsteen Lay“, scheduled for release on July 28, 2017 via NoiseArt Records.

The Privateer official page
The Privateer @ Facebook
The Privateer @ Twitter
The Privateer @ Bandcamp

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