ITNUVETH reveal upcoming album details

ITNUVETH - Tales and Legends of Wolves

Viking pagan black metal band Itnuveth from Barcelona, Spain will release its 4th full-length album entitled “Tales and Legends of Wolves” via Base Record Production on October 15th, 2017. The new album is mixed and mastered by Marc Figueras Franch in the Produccios F2F studios. The lyrical concept, as the album title implies, is about histories of wolves. Itnuveth have unveiled the cover artwork, realized by Jose Antonio Vives, as well as the album tracklist. “Tales and Legends of Wolves” will be available in standard jewel-case edition CD and a special bundle including the CD, the album T-shirt and many extras. Itnuveth have also released the official music video for the song “Trained Wolves”, as first taste of the album.

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BALDRS DRAUMAR official video for “Thuners Fjoer”

Frisian folk metal band Baldrs Draumar from Dokkum, Netherlands presents the official video for “Thuners Fjoer” taken from their recently released 3rd full-length album ”Fan Frysland Ferline“.

Baldrs Draumar official page
Baldrs Draumar @ Facebook
Baldrs Draumar @ Twitter

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FROZEN OCEAN released free compilation album

FROZEN OCEAN - Transience

Vaarwel, the creative enigma behind Frozen Ocean, has decided to fling wide the gates of his kingdom and invite everyone to explore, to discover, to immerse themselves in his world… He has released the compilation album “Transience“, available for free download in the band’s official pages. The Frozen Ocean back catalogue can seem a vast and complex place, difficult to navigate for the uninitiated, but now Vaarwel has produced a guide to these seemingly forbidding territories. “Transience” gives form and shape to the maelstrom and shines a light on the pathways through the dark. Vaarwel has chosen songs that span the breadth and depth of his creation and bound them together, fresh and remastered and made them all available in a beautiful, free download package. Along with fifteen remastered tracks, three previously unreleased, representing the best of Frozen Ocean’s incredible Read more

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ELVENKING unveil upcoming album details and official lyric video

ELVENKING - Secrets of the Magick Grimoire

Italian folk power metal band Elvenking will unleash its new studio album “Secrets of the Magick Grimoire” on November 10th, 2107 via AFM Records. It is the first work of Elvenking after three and a half years and the band has just released, as a first teaser of the album, the official lyric video for the song “Draugen’s Maelstrom” that you can watch below. There are 2 guest musicians in this album. The first one is Snowy Shaw, who has performed in King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Therion, Dimmu Borgir, Sabaton, Dream Evil and Memento Mori, among others. He added his malicious and spooky vocals in the song “At the Court of the Wild Hunt”. The other one is Angst Norder (singer of Witchery and Nekrokraft) who took care of the growls and screams in four songs. “Secrets of the Magick Grimoire” will be available on Read more

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SAIVA reveal upcoming debut album details

SAIVA - Markerna Bortom

Dark folkish black metal band Saiva from Norrbotten County, Sweden will release its debut full-length album entitled “Markerna Bortom” on October 13, 2017 via Nordvis Produktion. Saiva is the personal project of Andreas Petterson, who is also in De Arma, Stilla, Whirling and was previously also in Armagedda, Lönndom, Volkermord, LIK and Leviathan. In Saiva’s debut album there are featured guest appearances by J. Kaarna (Tervahäät), Austin Lunn (Panopticon) & Erik Gärdefors (Grift). “Markerna Bortom” will be out on jewel-case CD edition and on LP edition (black vinyl, packaging: single jacket, 4 page LP sized booklet, LP in poly bag). It is already available for pre-order in Read more

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CLAIM THE THRONE official video for “Mantra”

Australian folk melodic death metallers Claim the Throne present the official videoclip for the song “Mantra” taken from their upcoming album “On Desolate Plains” scheduled for release on October 13, 2017. A second video will soon be out.

Claim the Throne official page
Claim the Throne @ Facebook
Claim the Throne @ Twitter
Claim the Throne @ Bandcamp

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HÄIVE unveil upcoming album details

HAIVE - Iaton

Finnish pagan metal band Häive will release its second full-length album on November 24th, 2017 via Eisenwald. Entitled simply “Iätön” (Finnish for “Ageless”), this painstakingly crafted recording represents a true journey into the very soul of the band. Each element of Häive has been taken to the next level; the driving-yet-delicate guitars, impassioned vocals, powerful percussion and deeply thought-through themes, every aspect has been refined further in order to draw the listener into Häive’s world. And as for this world, it is a place of loss and remembrance, winter-stripped trees giving way to the cold bare earth, chill-worn soils that have born witness to the eternal cycles of nature. Read more

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STWORZ reveal details of upcoming album

STWORZ - Wolosozary

Polish pagan folk metal band Stworz will release its 5th full-length album “Wołosożary” on Dziady night, 31st of October 2017 via Werewolf Promotion. “Wołosożary” includes 12 tracks of winter, death and rebirth through they eyes of a folklore. It is the 4th and the last of the “year cycle” albums, with “Śnij ziemo moja” dedicated to autumn, “Cóż po żyznych ziemiach…” to summer and “Zagony Bogów” to spring.  As Stworz state, “Wołosożary” is the Slavic folk name for the Orion’s belt that their ancestors have seen as connected to Weles, god of underworld and the dead. It is an album to commemorate 10 years of activity on a scene and an opening of brand new era for Srworz. “Wołosożary” will be released in jewel case edition CD including an 8-page booklet with artwork by Misty Vision Art.

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