VITER published old demo songs!

VITER - Instrumental Demo 2009

Ukrainian rockers Viter have some good news for the fans of their early years! Since the time of band’s creation and the release of “Dzherelo” EP in 2010, there were 5 instrumental compositions stored in the personal archive of Yulian Mytsyk, who before Viter was in bands like Kroda (as Viterzgir), Capitollium, Dragobrath and Leadhaze among others. These compositions were recorded in 2009 as a demo prior to “Dzherelo” but were never published, except one song that was re-recorded and re-produced later as “Krov Tikae“. Yulian had serious hesitations about releasing this material, but he thinks it is too interesting and genuine to remain obscured and in addition he received multiple requests from fans to publish it. He hopes it will be interesting for the band’s listeners because it reflects the origins of Viter. All songs are Read more

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ADAVÄNT unveil upcoming album details

ADAVANT - The Unyielding

Epic folk metallers Adavänt from Chandler, Arizona (USA) have successfully completed their crowdfunding campaign! They are preparing to enter the studio in July to record their 3rd full-length album titled “The Unyielding” and will be pushing for a release in the fall of 2017! For this release, Adavänt is determined to create something truly special for diehard fans and new listeners alike. Accordingly, the band took over a year hiatus from live performances to painstakingly craft the music and story of “The Unyielding“. Now completely written and musically honed to perfection, the band is proud to say that this album is undoubtedly their finest work yet. The exciting concept album follows the tale of an intrepid hunter who undertakes a journey to unravel a timeless mystery, set upon the backdrop of a fictional Read more

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CAOIMHÍN released debut EP

CAOIMHIN - The Age of Wolves EP

International black metal project Caoimhín has just released its debut 2-track EP “The Age of Wolves” via Black Lion Records. It is available digitally for now, but it will also be released in a 4-panel digipak CD edition limited to 200 copies shipping out on or around May 25, 2017. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Simonsen at the Secret Quarters studios. Rooted in Norse mythology and haunted by a pervasive sorrow, “The Age of Wolves” is a melodic journey through the ancient forests of the north. “Víðarr” is a powerful ode to the bravery of Óðinn’s son. By killing the great wolf Fenrir, he avenges his father’s death and sets the world on a new cycle of death and rebirth. Cecilie Langlie and Kjetil Ottersen’s voices bring the song to new heights of beauty and depths of despair. “Níðhöggr”, based on the evil serpent who Read more

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КОЛО official video for “Серце в Житах”

Ukrainian electronic folk rock band Коло (Kolo) from Kharkiv, the project of Munruthel, presents the official video for the song “Серце в Житах – The Heart in the Rye” taken from the new album “Етносфера – Ethnosphere” self-released on March 20th, 2017.

Коло @ Bandcamp
Коло @ VK
Munruthel @ Facebook

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Tribute to MY DYING BRIDE soon to be released

MY DYING BRIDE - Long Stay in the Darkness Tribute

Russian label SoundAge Productions in cooperation with OR fanzine has prepared an international tribute to Gothic doom death metal legends My Dying Bride, entitled “Long Stay in the Darkness“. It will be released in limited 2CD digipak edition on April 25, 2107. The first CD includes covers of Russian bands, while the second CD includes non-Russian bands. Album tracklist and cover artwork by W. Smerdulak are already revealed. You can also check a 10-minute video teaser below and get a good taste of what’s to come. Pre-orders will be soon available.

1. MENTAL HOME (Russia) – A Sea to Suffer in                                Read more

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VARG new EP out now

VARG - Gotterdammerung

German wolf metallers Varg from Coburg have just released their brand new EP “Götterdämmerung” via Napalm Records in digipak edition CD. For over ten years, Varg have wielded the sceptre of German pagan metal, currently holding it tighter than ever in their bloody claws. The Wolfskult remains hearty as well, with thousands of devotees following the call of the wild and making the pilgrimage year after year to the band’s Wolfszeit Festival. Varg’s fifth epos “Das Ende Aller Lügen” touched down in the Top-20 of the German album charts. It’s clear that they are stronger than ever, but the band will not rest on their laurels. No, they’ve given their new “Götterdämmerung” EP their all; rapid flaring melodic death metal-riffs, heart-shaking singalongs and Read more

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TOTER FISCH official video for “Mami Wata”

French pirate folk metallers Toter Fisch from Tours present the official video for the song “Mami Wata” taken from their 2017 debut full-length album “Yemaya“.

Toter Fisch @ Facebook
Toter Fisch @ Bandcamp

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NHOR begin a 4-EP cycle

NHOR - Wildflowers - Spring

One and a half years after the meditative “Momenta Quintae Essentiae” (2015), the enigmatic Nhor from UK returns with an EP cycle that mirrors the four seasons, entitled “Wildflowers“. Starting off with “Spring” in April 2017, four EPs will be released in sync with the natural seasons of the Earth. Each EP will be released digitally and in a strictly limited cassette print-run. When the cycle comes to its end, the EPs will be combined and released as the full-length album, “Wildflowers“. This is what Nhor has to say about “Wildflowers“: “I spent last year translating the seasons with my piano. I have survived the winter and come full circle, back to Spring, ready to make my first release. My new album ‘Wildflowers’ is made of four pieces: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Each piece has been set to the Read more

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