CLAIM THE THRONE official video for “Mantra”

Australian folk melodic death metallers Claim the Throne present the official videoclip for the song “Mantra” taken from their upcoming album “On Desolate Plains” scheduled for release on October 13, 2017. A second video will soon be out.

Claim the Throne official page
Claim the Throne @ Facebook
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Claim the Throne @ Bandcamp

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HÄIVE unveil upcoming album details

HAIVE - Iaton

Finnish pagan metal band Häive will release its second full-length album on November 24th, 2017 via Eisenwald. Entitled simply “Iätön” (Finnish for “Ageless”), this painstakingly crafted recording represents a true journey into the very soul of the band. Each element of Häive has been taken to the next level; the driving-yet-delicate guitars, impassioned vocals, powerful percussion and deeply thought-through themes, every aspect has been refined further in order to draw the listener into Häive’s world. And as for this world, it is a place of loss and remembrance, winter-stripped trees giving way to the cold bare earth, chill-worn soils that have born witness to the eternal cycles of nature. Read more

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STWORZ reveal details of upcoming album

STWORZ - Wolosozary

Polish pagan folk metal band Stworz will release its 5th full-length album “Wołosożary” on Dziady night, 31st of October 2017 via Werewolf Promotion. “Wołosożary” includes 12 tracks of winter, death and rebirth through they eyes of a folklore. It is the 4th and the last of the “year cycle” albums, with “Śnij ziemo moja” dedicated to autumn, “Cóż po żyznych ziemiach…” to summer and “Zagony Bogów” to spring.  As Stworz state, “Wołosożary” is the Slavic folk name for the Orion’s belt that their ancestors have seen as connected to Weles, god of underworld and the dead. It is an album to commemorate 10 years of activity on a scene and an opening of brand new era for Srworz. “Wołosożary” will be released in jewel case edition CD including an 8-page booklet with artwork by Misty Vision Art.

1. Białe stanice, czerwone niebiosa      Read more

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FOLK METAL JACKET released debut full-length

FOLK METAL JACKET - Eulogy for the Gentle Fools

Italian folk metallers Folk Metal Jacket from Modena have recently released their debut full-length album “Eulogy for the Gentle Fools“. It is a concept album whose idea started from the story of “Winter Fog“, the last song of their 2013 EP “Spill This Album“, to evolve towards totally different atmospheres and an unexpected ending. The lyrics focus on the crisis of the values of bravery and tribe spirit, which were highly represented in the previous works of the band. Hence, the main character of the story is often facing danger alone, in opposition to the multiple individuals starring older songs like “Mosh’n’Storm” or “The Battle“. Musically speaking everything has improved, from recording technique to vocal variety and lyrics. Variety is the key, because Read more

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MIDGARD official video for “Berserk”

Ukrainian folk Viking melodic death metallers Midgard from Cherkasy launched the official video for their song “Berserk” taken from their debut full-length album “Wolf Clan“.

Midgard @ Facebook
Midgard @ VK
Midgard @ Bandcamp

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ALVENRAD unveil upcoming album details


Dutch courageous Skaldic folk metal band Alvenrad will release its new full-length album “Heer” on December 8th 2017 via Trollmusic. With its second album, Alvenrad demonstrates that folk metal has far more to offer than its doubtful reputation makes believe. The Dutch band interweaves traditional heavy metal, epic hard rock and influences from pioneers like Jethro Tull, Skyclad and Borknagar. In addition, Alvenrad proves the timeless value of Nordic mythology, drawing main inspiration from a poem of the Poetic Edda, namely the Skírnismál. First of all, “Heer”, which translates to “Noble Man“, is an album recorded by a real band, including real drums played by Ingmar Regeling, most of them recorded on first or second take to keep Read more

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GRAI announced new single at the start of their European tour

GRAI - Donya

The folk metal quintet Грай (Grai) from the Republic of Tartary in the east of Russia is reporting back! Starting on Saturday 16/9, fans will have a chance to experience Irina (vocals), Ruzel (guitar), Aliya (flute, bagpipes, vocals), Yuri (bass, growls, kaljuka, jew’s harp) and Andrey (drums) perform live again: Together with СатанаКозёл (SatanaKozel) and Anabioz, Грай are boarding the tour bus. From 09/16/2017 to 10/11/2017 the tour plan holds a total of 20 shows in 11 different countries. You can see all dates in the band’s offical pages, following the links below. Грай stand for a multifaceted mixture of delicate folklore sounds and powerful metal, spirited, heady and as swift as it is soulful – a unique sound that makes the hearts of a huge fan base leap for joy. All over Europe! And to round the whole thing up, Грай are carrying a brand new single in their trunk: “Donya” will be released Read more

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ZGARD unveil upcoming album details

ZGARD - Within the Swirl of Black Vigor

Ukrainian folk-influenced atmospheric pagan black metal one-man band Zgard will release its 6th full-length album “У Вирі Чорної Снаги / Within the Swirl of Black Vigor” on October 21, 2017 via Svarga Music. It is a darker and furious continuation of “Totem“, released two years ago. Quintessence of ancient traditions and pagan outlook, a magic ritual ruled by shaman’s dance. Ethnic instruments, thundery drums, predatory vocals and dark drive… within a swirl of black vigor! Zgard have already unveiled the, as usual, beautiful cover artwork and album tracklist. “У Вирі Чорної Снаги / Within the Swirl of Black Vigor” is already available for pre-order in their label’s webshop.

1. Dive into the Night (intro) [Занурення в ніч]      Read more

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