CRIMFALL official video for “Until Falls the Rain”

Finnish epic cinematic folk metallers Crimfall present the official video for the song “Until Falls the Rain” from the upcoming album “Amain“, scheduled for release on August 25th, 2017 via Metal Blade Records.

Amain” can be pre-ordered in their label’s official webshop, where you can find an extensive variety of pre-order items ranging from digipak CD and limited edition vinyls to t-shirt bundles.

Crimfall official page       Read more

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BELLFAST unveil upcoming album details

BELLFAST - Triquedraco

Japanese folk metallers Bellfast from Nagoya and Tokyo will release their sophomore full-length album “Triquedraco” on October 11th, 2017 in Japan via King Records. It was recorded by Taro Arai at Sound Koara Studio (Saitama, Japan), while drums and additional vocals were recorded by Tady Nakamura at Studio NEWS90 (Aichi, Japan). The album was mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque at Sonic Train Studios (Varberg, Sweden) and produced by Taro Arai and Bellfast. This new work is crowned with a mysterious coined word, ”Triquedraco” referring to an ancient crest shown on the artwork. The word combines the Celtic symbol Triquetra representing the Trinity idea and Draco meaning the dragon in Latin.      Read more

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NE OBLIVISCARIS official video for “Intra Venus”

Australian extreme prog metal band Ne Obliviscaris presents the official video for the track “Intra Venus” taken from its upcoming third full-length album “Urn“, scheduled for release on October 27, 2017 via Season of Mist.

Urn” is already available for pre-order in several editions (digipak CD, double LP and tape) and bundles Read more

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NE OBLIVISCARIS reveal upcoming album details


Australian extreme progressive metallers Ne Obliviscaris will release their third full-length album “Urn” via Season of Mist on October 27th, 2017. “Urn” is bound to be a career defining moment for the band that has honed and re-balanced the key elements of its unique sound to a razor sharp musical edge. The dynamic entwining of fierce growls and emotive clean vocals, the contrast between devastating et intricate guitar riffs and thundering drums against an unleashed violin and gorgeous string parts, as well as the perfect blending of epic progressive and intense extreme metal forms of expression, are all marking a new peak in the steep rise of the band. “Urn” is already available for pre-order in several editions (digipak CD, double LP and tape) and bundles in Season of Mist webshop and in the band’s official Bandcamp page.

1. Libera (Part 1)                Read more

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ENSIFERUM official video for “Way of the Warrior”

Finnish epic folk melodic death metal band Ensiferum has now launched a video clip for the track “Way of the Warrior“, the 2nd single from its upcoming seventh full-length album, entitled “Two Paths“.

Two Paths” will be released on September 15th, 2017, worldwide via Metal Blade Records. Produced by Anssi Kippo, the master was recorded on tape, for a true analog experience. “Way of the Warrior” was produced by Read more

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AUÐN unveil details and first track of upcoming album

AUDN - Farvegir Fyrndar

Icelandic atmospheric black metallers Auðn are the latest offspring from the burgeoning black metal scene in this land of ice and snow to set their dark sails for foreign shores. The band will release its second full-length album “Farvegir Fyrndar” on November 10th, 2017 via Season of Mist. On their new work, Auðn deliver haunting melodies and beautifully frozen atmospheres, as opposed to the jarring and caustic blunt force trauma that has recently brought the island to the black metal forefront. With “Farvegir Fyrndar“, Auðn not only demonstrate the impressive progress of their songwriting skills but also deliver a clear definition of their very own black sound. The band has unveiled the beautiful cover artwork by Myrmann, as well as the album tracklist. They have also premiered the closing track “Í Hálmstráið Held” from the Read more

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SONS OF CROM release new album

SONS OF CROM - The Black Tower

The northern Swedish / Finnish epic pagan heavy metal duo Sons of Crom returns with its second full-length album, entitled “The Black Tower“. It is released today, August 18th 2017 via Nordvis on standard edition jewel case CD, on limited edition digibook CD and on limited edition coloured and black 12″ LP. The album carries the listener on an epic heavy metal adventure through the world of Cimmeria! The Riddle of Steel has been solved. The mountain’s call answered, the earth conquered and spent. Now, the stars beckon – celestial gateways unlocked through ancient sepulchers, divine bloodlines, and the undying fires of spiritual rebirth. Without regard for convention, this ethereal journey is set to unorthodox tones of grandiose heavy metal. Flowing from Read more

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ARKONA official video for “Serbia”

Russian folk pagan metallers Аркона (Arkona) present the official video for the song “Serbia“, taken from their latest album “Yav“.

As the band states: “It’s better late, than never… Currently we are working hard on a new album, and suddenly one of the old ideas became real – video for the song “Serbia” from our previous album “Yav” is ready! Band shooting Read more

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