NEMUS will release debut album

NEMUS - Wald - Mensch

German atmospheric ambient post black metal band Nemus, the personal project of Frank Riegler, will release its debut album “Wald – Mensch” in jewel-case CD on April 25, 2017 via the Russian label SoundAge Productions. The music genre could be described as ambient-black-metal and includes emotional breakdowns in combination with melancholic melodies, fast blastbeats and double base lines. “Wald – Mensch” was written, recorded and mixed in January 2017. The lyrics are written and shouted in German and approach the relationship between a human being, nature and its physical fusion with it. The whole album is told like a Fable. Rain, storm and wind samples find place in the music to support the melodies played on acoustic guitar and piano. The whole album was recorded, mixed and Read more

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BLAZE OF SORROW upcoming album details revealed


Italian atmospheric folk black metallers Blaze of Sorrow will release their 5th full-length album “Astri” via Eisenwald Tonschmiede. It will be out on June 9th, 2017, available in CD, LP and digital formats. Hailing from Mantova, Blaze of Sorrow was born ten years ago as a musical vessel to deliver themes of sorrow and self-reflection through nature-inspired black metal with a number of folk influences. Masterminded by multi-instrumentalist Peter, after several demos they quickly caught the attention of the underground with their self-released “L’ultimo Respiro” debut album, a record steeped in an ambience of despair and longing. Since then, Peter has continued to fashion Blaze of Sorrow’s unique approach to atmosphere across a further three full-length albums – fusing the essence of the night sky and the tranquillity of the Read more

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LAST MOON’S DAWN released debut album


Following the wait of almost a decade, the German debutant Last Moon’s Dawn are now presenting the highly anticipated “Absence” as a full-length album to the world of dark metal. The band’s debut album was released on March 31, 2017 via the Chinese label Pest Productions in a digipak edition CD with 12-page booklet. Produced by Markus Siegenhort (Lantlôs / LowCityRain), the nine fascinating tracks co-produce a magical soundscape for any fans that adore the finest dark metal with influences of depressive rock. “Absence” demonstrates a sensational achievement of the band, and will be considered as a rare collection of captivating tunes which intertwines with your dreams until eternity. Last Moon’s Dawn were formed in 2007 and their only release until now was the demo “Episodes of the Dawn” in 2008.

1. Aura  (00:33)                             Read more

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OBSCURITY official video for “Streitmacht Bergisch Land”

German death black Viking metallers Obscurity from Velbert present the official video for the song “Streitmacht Bergisch Land” taken from their upcoming album scheduled for release in June 2017.

Obscurity official page
Obscurity @ Facebook

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HELSÓTT premiere personal video detailing their forthcoming “The Healer” EP

HELSOTT - The Healer

American pagan metallers Helsótt, whose exotic sound mixes death metal with pagan influences, will release a new five-song EP, “The Healer“, on April 28th on M-Theory Audio. The release features stunning artwork from Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Iced Earth), was recorded in part at Southern California’s Trench Studios (Intronaut, Abysmal Dawn) and was mixed/mastered by J-F Dagenais (Kataklysm, Ex Deo). As the hype builds towards street date, the band found time to get together and make a personal video giving commentary and shedding more detail about the individual songs, the recording process and it features previews and live footage. “We are very proud of this EP and invite you all on this very serious track-by-track journey of The Healer through the minds of the creators“, states Read more

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MIDGARD official video for “Hero”

Uhrainian Viking folk death metallers Midgard present the official video for the song “Hero” taken from their debut album “Wolf Clan“.

Midgard @ Facebook
Midgard @ Bandcamp
Midgard @ VK

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DIVINE ELEMENT reveal upcoming album details

DIVINE ELEMENT - Thaurachs of Borsu

Greek epic extreme metallers Divine Element will release their second full-length album “Thaurachs of Borsu” on May 19th, 2017 via I, Voidhanger Records. A comeback that has been slowly brewing since a few years now. Divine Element was the first band of Spectral Lore’s multi-instrumentalist Ayloss and vocalist Antonis, releasing their ambitious debut album back in 2010. Afterwards, the band paused operations and Ayloss took his brand of sprawling, epic metal songwriting to a more atmospheric turn with his solo project, yet the call to continue the story of Divine Element had always been strong within. Reuniting again and using for this recording the services of renowned technical death metal drummer Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, Ex-Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist), “Thaurachs of Borsu” is Read more

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IN TORMENTATA QUIETE resign with My Kingdom Music for the upcoming album


Italian theatrical metallers In Tromentata Quiete signed a new contract with My Kingdom Music for the release of their fourth album titled “Finestatico”, in June 2017. It is the third one with the Italian label and will be the natural continuation of “Cromagia” musical essence, with a more direct and metal production and describes a vision a Man has when he faces his creations and compares this vision to a journey into the Universe. So commented Antonio Ricco, member of the band: “Finestatico” is a composition about human visions, about a journey you can imagine done into the Universe as metaphor of our innermost recesses, where musically we alternate and merge Metal, opera, progressive, Gothic without forgetting the decadent theatricality that is part of our essence since our early days. Our aim is Read more

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