ALTAR released debut EP

ALTAR - Ancestral

Altar is a new dungeon synth project, inspired by Brazilian indigenous cultures and diversity, following the true roots of the genre sonority. It is the personal project of Rômulo, who is also the mastermind behind the dungeon synth ambient black metal band Iamí. “Ancestral” is the debut release for Altar and it is a 4-track EP. The album is released only digitally and is available in the band’s official Bandcamp page. Each track has its own ambience, from the peace of the forests and the order of the tribes, to the Brazilian caves (since there aren’t ruins and castles in this country). The final track is about the arrival of the Europeans in America… You can find a short description of each song in the tracklist below and in the Bandcamp lyrics. The beautiful painting in the cover artwork is by François-Auguste Biard (1860).

1. Forest – 05:42
(The hunter painted his face majestically, then Read more

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TEVANA3 will rerelease both of their albums

TEVANA3 - Perapohjolan Takana + Mieron Tiella

Russian label SoundAge Productions has announced the re-release of Tevana3′s complete discography (2 full-length albums) in CD edition on May 17th 2017. Tevana3 is a Finnish melodic extreme metal band, founded in 2010 by Juha Jyrkäs, a kantele player known from ethnic rock band Poropetra and a lyricist of folk metal band Korpiklaani. He wanted to move forward to extreme metal and study all the possibilities to electrify kantele and make it work in metal music. Kantele is a Finnish string-instrument that belongs into zither family. Its relatives can be found throughout the world, including Estonian kannel, Mari kusle, Russian gusli, Latvian kokles and Lithuanian kankles. As Jyrkäs bought himself his first electric kantele, he moved into the new zone, where to bend the barriers of heavy metal. Along with bass player Aslak Tolonen Read more

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IN TORMENTATA QUIETE reveal upcoming album details


On June 16th 2017, the new In Tormentata Quiete album titled “Finestatico” will be available in worldwide physical and digital distribution via My Kingdom Music. The band has revealed the definitive album tracklist and has unveiled the cover artwork, once again the work of the talented Luca Antoniazzi in collaboration with the astonishing Giovanna Pugliano’s drawings. They are also presenting a short video teaser, which you can watch below. Through this video, In Tormentata Quiete do not only anticipate the album release, but also the great first official videoclip of the band for the song “R136a1” directed by Eugenia Trotta, edited by Felkar Studio and with Alex Mercatali as director of photography. The videoclip will be published next week, on May 19th 2017. With “Finestatico”, the unique Read more

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TROLLFEST official video for “Kabaret”

Naked big tits, moist dark caves and lots of violence. The new TrollfesT video is full of it, and for good measure they have added alien looking monsters and high tech weaponry. With the biggest budget ever on a musicvideo, the trolls are said to be in debt for five generations to come because of this cinematic gamechanger.

Edited and directed by Trollmannen.

Trollfest official page
Trollfest @ Facebook
Trollfest @ Twitter

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ŽREC reveal upcoming EP details

ZREC - Klic k Pokladum

Czech folk metal rock band Žrec introduce its new record, called “Klíč k pokladům“, which translates to “Key to Treasures“. This EP contains of three new songs (+ intro) of about 22 minutes of length. The new direction of Žrec’s musical path connects folk metal past with present hard rock moods and elements such as mid tempo, clean vocals and guitar solos. Also long songs and slowly growing instrumental parts offer more space for thinking about things beneath the surface. EP “Klíč k pokladům” will be out during May/June 2017 as a self release, limited to 250 pieces. First 100 copies includes logo button as a gift. Digital album on Bandcamp will be out May 19th 2017.

1. Uvedení
2. Klíč k pokladům       Read more

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NOKTURNAL MORTUM unveil upcoming album details


Ukrainian masters of epic heathen metal art Nokturnal Mortum are back with “Verity”, their first full-length record since much-acclaimed “The Voice of Steel”, which was released back in December of 2009. “Verity” CD will be released through Oriana Music/Musical Hall on the 8th of May 2017, while vinyl version of the album will be released later through Heritage Recordings. The live presentation of the record will be held at Kolovorot Nove Kolo fest in Kyiv on 24th of June 2017. The lack of full-length record during all these years does not mean the absence of activity. In 2011 the double live CD “Kolovorot” was released through Oriana Music (the vinyl edition was provided later by Osmose Productions) and in 2016 band presented Read more

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ALESTORM official video for “Alestorm”

The metal pirates lead by Captain Christopher Bowes have now unleashed a first and official video from their upcoming album “No Grave But the Sea“, and could not have chosen a better song title to celebrate a pirate’s life and tunes than after the band name “Alestorm“!

Alestrom official page
Alestorm @ Facebook
Alestorm @ Twitter

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VITER published old demo songs!

VITER - Instrumental Demo 2009

Ukrainian rockers Viter have some good news for the fans of their early years! Since the time of band’s creation and the release of “Dzherelo” EP in 2010, there were 5 instrumental compositions stored in the personal archive of Yulian Mytsyk, who before Viter was in bands like Kroda (as Viterzgir), Capitollium, Dragobrath and Leadhaze among others. These compositions were recorded in 2009 as a demo prior to “Dzherelo” but were never published, except one song that was re-recorded and re-produced later as “Krov Tikae“. Yulian had serious hesitations about releasing this material, but he thinks it is too interesting and genuine to remain obscured and in addition he received multiple requests from fans to publish it. He hopes it will be interesting for the band’s listeners because it reflects the origins of Viter. All songs are Read more

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