VALHALORE unveil debut album details

VALHALORE - Voyage into Eternity

Australian epic folk melodic death metallers Valhalore from Brisbane are very excited to finally share information about their upcoming first full-length album entitled “Voyage into Eternity“. Formed in mid-2013 by composer and lead guitarist Anthony Willis, Valhalore draw on influences from folk, power and melodic death metal to create a sound that is both inspiring and magical. The band immediately set to work on their first album and began to establish themselves within the Australian metal scene. In 2015 they released their debut, self-titled EP, which received positive acclaim from fans globally. “Voyage into Eternity” will be released worldwide on March 14 2017 through the band and their online platforms. It is already available in several pre-sale packages in their official Read more

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VARANG NORD official video for “Ziemeļvīri”

Latvian Viking folk metallers Varang Nord from Daugavpils present the official video for the song “Ziemeļvīri” taken from their recently released 3-track EP, “Call of Battle“.

Video was filmed by Ivars Utināns.

Varang Nord @ Facebook
Varang Nord @ Twitter
Varang Nord @ VK
Varang Nord @ Bandcamp

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MONGOL reveal upcoming EP details

MONGOL - Warrior Spirit

Canadian folk melodic death metallers Mongol from Devon, Alberta present the album artwork of their upcoming EP, entitled “Warrior Spirit“. The tracklist will consist of 3 epic songs to prepare you for all that the Mongol hordes are prepared to unleash upon you in 2017. The cover artwork is by Eric Dieterich of Soloman Media and the band has also reveal the album tracklist. “Warrior Spirit” will be a digital-only release scheduled for the beginning of 2017. Mongol are inspired by the hordes of the ancient Mongolian empire and they have already released 2 full-length albums, “The Altan Urug” in 2012 and “Chosen by Tengri” in 2014. You better follow the band’s official pages below for the EP official release date and further details!

1. The Mountain Weeps                     Read more

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WORMWOOD reveal upcoming debut details

WORMWOOD - Ghostlands

Swedish atmospheric black metallers Wormwood have inked a deal with the Dutch label Non Serviam Records and they have unveiled the first details of their upcoming debut album entitled “Ghostlands – Wounds from a Bleeding Earth”. It will be released on March 10th 2017 as a jewel-case CD and through all digital platforms. The album has been recorded and mastered by Sverker Widgren at Wing Studios, a renowned veteran of sound engineering on the Scandinavian extreme metal scene (October Tide, Demonical, IXXI, Diabolical). The cover art is created by the wildly talented photographer and designer Mario Polzin of Moornebheym Design. “Ghostlands – Wounds from a Bleeding Earth” is a part of Wormwood’s concept that revolves around the endless cycle of death and rebirth of the world. For each phase when man is Read more

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СМУТА official video for “Смута”

Russian folk pagan metallers Смута (Smuta) present the official music video for their recently released single “Смута“.

Filmed by Sergey Shubin and Ilia Tuz.

Смута official page
Смута @ Facebook
Смута @ VK
Смута @ Bandcamp

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HESPERIA reveal details of upcoming album


Italian epic metal band Hesperia, the personal project of Hesperus from Macerata, will release its 6th full-length album “Caesar [Roma vol.I]“on February 10th 2017 via the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records. Apart from the standard digipak edition of the album, a limited to 100 copies Box edition will be released too, containing the digipak, gifts, a mini board game. and different cover artwork on the outside box. Hesperia has just unveiled the cover artwork of the standard edition, which is an historical allegory of the ancient Roman / Italic centrality and supremacy, with references to the life of Caesar. The woman on the left is an allegory of Gallia (and in general represents the populations northwest of Rome / Italy); the woman on the right is Cleopatra of Egypt (and in Read more

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TENGGER CAVALRY official video for “Kaan”

Nomadic folk metallers Tengger Cavalry from China released the official music video for the song “Kaan”.

Tengger Cavalry official page
Tengger Cavalry @ Facebook
Tengger Cavalry @ Twitter
Tengger Cavalry @ Bandcamp

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HEIDRA official video for the acoustic version of “Lone Warrior”

Epic folk black metallers Heidra from Copenhagen, Denmark released the official video for the new acoustic version of the song “Lone Warrior“, whose original version was included in the 2011 “Northern Tales” demo.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Henrik Stendahl.                Read more

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