MISTUR official lyric video for “Distant Peaks”

Viking black metallers Mistur from Norway present the official lyric video for “Distant Peaks” from their upcoming full-length album “In Memoriam“, scheduled for release on April  29th 2016 via Dark Essence Records. The album is already available for pre-order in Mistur’s official Bandcamp page and in their label’s web-store.

Video by Marte O Kornerud, cover art & portraits by Bjarne Egge, nature Photography by Marte and Liv O Kornerud.

Mistur official page
Mistur @ Facebook
Mistur @ Bandcamp

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HEIDRA official video for “The Eyes of Giants”

Danish epic folk black metal band Heidra from Copenhagen present the official video for “The Eyes of Giants“, taken from the album “Awaiting Dawn“, released via Mighty Music in 2014.

Heidra is heading on an big European tour tomorrow with Ensiferum and Fleshgod Apocalypse. You can find details in their official pages.

Heidra official page
Heidra @ Facebook
Heidra @ Twitter

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KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI will soon release new EP


Symphonic fantasy folk metal warriors Kivimetsän Druidi from Kouvola, Finland will end their six year recording silence, releasing the brand new EP “The Lost Captains” on April 15th, 2016. It will be released both in CD edition and digitally in music stores and streaming services. There will be three songs on the EP, one of which is the epic and irresistibly catchy “Night Before the Dark”, whose audio video you can watch below. Kivimetsän Druidi have developed musically from the lighter folk metal into more heavy and progressive direction. These three new songs provide an excellent picture of the band’s current style and genre. Kivimetsän Druidi will be seen live quite a lot during this Spring, Summer and Fall. Their next gigs will be at Read more

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UTMARKEN official video for “Välkommen till Norrland”

Swedish folk metallers Utmarken from Västerbotten, Norrland present the official music video for the track “Välkommen till Norrland” taken from their upcoming self-titled debut “Utmarken“. The album is scheduled for release on April 1st 2016 via the German label Einheit Produktionen.

Utmarken” is already available for pre-order in their label’s online shop in various bundles.

Utmarken @ Facebook

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SILENZIUM official video for “Northern Lights”

Russian string trio Silenzium from Novosibirsk Siberia presents its new video clip for the song “Northern Lights“. It was filmed in the winter mountains of the Altai, a faraway and sparsely populated area full of ice and snow.

The band comments: “It is a song about love, wonderful nature and dwellers of those mysterious places remote from civilization. We hope this video will get you immersed in the atmosphere of a Read more

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OCTOBER FALLS release 2-track single


Atmospheric dark metal / folk acoustic ambient band October Falls from Helsinki Finland is currently working on its next acoustic full-length album. And while the recordings are still going slow, here’s a new spontaneous 2-track mini release entitled “Kulo“, now available on the band’s official Bandcamp page. These two tracks were written and recorded within 2 days of March 2016 by M. Lehto and mastered by M. Havumäki. Both tracks of “Kulo” will not be part of the next acoustic full-length, but instead they are released as a separate single on Bandcamp and hopefully on 7” vinyl later this year by Scarred North Productions, 10 years after the first release by SNP, “Marras” vinyl.

1. Kulo – 04:58
2. Askel – 03:47                      Read more

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WOLFHORDE official video for “Boundless Agony”

Finnish folk metallers Wolfhorde from Keuruu released their very first official music video for the song “Boundless Agony” taken from their debut album “Towards The Gates of North“, out since January 2016 via Inverse Records.

Wolfhorde official page
Wolfhorde @ Facebook
Wolfhorde @ Twitter
Wolfhorde @ Bandcamp

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ARANDU ARAKUAA official video for “Ĩpredu”

Brazilian indigenous folk metallers Arandu Arakuaa present the official music video for “Ĩpredu” (Elder in Xavante language) taken from their latest album “Wdê Nnãkrda“.

Arandu Arakuaa official page
Arandu Arakuaa @ Facebook

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