HOIA BACIU released debut album

HOIA BACIU - Nradacinat

Romanian folk black metal project Hoia Baciu from Timișoara has just released its debut full-length album “‘Nrădăcinat” digitally. The project started 2 years ago by Giurgeca Alexandru with the help of Andrei Oltean, his fellow colleague from E-an-na, Prohod and Warchant. The project name Hoia Baciu comes from the forest itself near Cluj Napoca that has a reputation for its “paranormal activities” and strange shaped trees. The album concept is about the lost bond between man and nature, which resulted in haunted trails of rural settlements. ”‘Nrădăcinat” contains 9 instrumental tracks, including a Marţolea cover and one song with Andrei Oltean’s vocals. The beautiful artwork is edited by Sărăcel. The album is available on the band’s official Bandcamp page and you better check it, because it is simply amazing!!!

1. Hoia Baciu – 04:08                   Read more

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FEJD reveal upcoming album details

FEJD - Trolldom

Swedish folk metallers Fejd will release their upcoming fourth full-length album “Trolldom” on May 27, 2016 via the Swedish label Dead End Exit Records. Revolving around the brothers Rimmerfors, Fejd are combining classic and authentic folk instruments with distorted guitars, adding the sound of metal drums to create a sweeping mix of beautiful nature mysticism. The beautiful and characteristic vocals soar above the music and bring the listener into a world of myths and legends. Fejd create an irresistible call with “Trolldom” that will bewitch fans all around the globe! Your ticket to the world of myths and legends! The band has recently unveiled the beautiful cover artwork painted by Kris Verwimp, as well as the album tracklist. “Trolldom” is already Read more

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TIME OF TALES official video for “Deep in the Woods”

Polish folk metallers Time of Tales present the official video for the song “Deep in the Woods” taken from their debut full-length album “Tales of Time” self-released on March 8th, 2016.

Music video is produced by Piotr “Peter” Występek and guncykcyk.

Time of Tales @ Facebook
Time of Tales @ Bandcamp

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SVIATIBOR ready to release their new album

SVIATIBOR - Haven of the Celestial God

French atmospheric pagan ambient black metal band Sviatibor, the personal project of Thomas Hornstein, will release its 6th full-length album “Le Havre du Seigneur Céleste (Haven of the Celestial God)” through the Russian label SoundAge Productions on March 16th 2016. This album is the arrival of Sviatibor into a brand new era, where everything has changed, but nothing has changed. New logo, new sound, new writing style, but same spirit. All along the tracks, you will be taken into an oneiric journey through a deep, very ancient and spiritual atmosphere, created with an interesting mix of very modern atmospheric and ambient electronic sounds, along with traditional folk / orchestral instruments. After the epicness Read more

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HULDRE official video for “Ulvevinter”

While their upcoming album is in the making, Danish folk metallers Huldre from Copenhagen present the official video for the song “Ulvevinter” taken from their 2012 debut album “Intet Menneskebarn“.

The song was filmed in front of a live venue audience at Gimle in Roskilde, Denmark, during the “Battle of the Five Armies” event Read more

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KAWIR unveil upcoming album details and present new track

KAWIR - Pater Ilie Miter Selana

Legendary Hellenic pagan black metallers Kawir will soon release their 6th full-length album entitled “Πάτερ ‘Ηλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα – Father Sun Mother Moon“. The new album will be out via the German label Iron Bonehead Productions on April 29th 2016 on double LP and digipak CD editions. Their label has recently released an audio video for the track “Διόνυσος – Dionysus” that you can listen to below. In many ways, ”Πάτερ ‘Ηλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα” is a record that could’ve hailed from the early days of Kawir’s pagan transition. A mysticism from ancient times blankets these hymns to the Hellenic Pantheon, made all the more stirring by being delivered in actual Ancient Greek language. The incorporation of ethic instruments and atmospheres lends  Read more

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BRYMIR official video for “For Those Who Died”

Finnish glorious extreme metallers Brymir from Helsinki present the official video for the single “For Those Who Died” taken from their upcoming second full-length album.

Brymir official page
Brymir @ Facebook
Brymir @ Twitter

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E-AN-NA new single is out

E-AN-NA - Sarba Ciobaneasca

Romanian folk metal band E-an-na from Sibiu released today (February 29th, 2016) its third single, called “Sârbă Ciobănească“. This new track was mixed and mastered by Bornuz Vlad (For the Wicked). It is a song about the boy of a shepherd, who, unwilling to do the chores of shepherds anymore, chooses to flee into the mountains and live his life in communion with nature, having only his whistle to express himself. Although archaic, the song is a metaphor for the fact that modern man is born into a world with no options left, but to conform and do the duties mankind expects one to do, not the ones he truly loves. As always, Kogaion Art is responsible for the cover artwork of “Sârbă Ciobănească“. You can enjoy E-an-na’s new masterpiece below!         Read more

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