OCTOBER FALLS release 2-track single


Atmospheric dark metal / folk acoustic ambient band October Falls from Helsinki Finland is currently working on its next acoustic full-length album. And while the recordings are still going slow, here’s a new spontaneous 2-track mini release entitled “Kulo“, now available on the band’s official Bandcamp page. These two tracks were written and recorded within 2 days of March 2016 by M. Lehto and mastered by M. Havumäki. Both tracks of “Kulo” will not be part of the next acoustic full-length, but instead they are released as a separate single on Bandcamp and hopefully on 7” vinyl later this year by Scarred North Productions, 10 years after the first release by SNP, “Marras” vinyl.

1. Kulo – 04:58
2. Askel – 03:47                      Read more

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WOLFHORDE official video for “Boundless Agony”

Finnish folk metallers Wolfhorde from Keuruu released their very first official music video for the song “Boundless Agony” taken from their debut album “Towards The Gates of North“, out since January 2016 via Inverse Records.

Wolfhorde official page
Wolfhorde @ Facebook
Wolfhorde @ Twitter
Wolfhorde @ Bandcamp

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ARANDU ARAKUAA official video for “Ĩpredu”

Brazilian indigenous folk metallers Arandu Arakuaa present the official music video for “Ĩpredu” (Elder in Xavante language) taken from their latest album “Wdê Nnãkrda“.

Arandu Arakuaa official page
Arandu Arakuaa @ Facebook

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ELDAMAR reveal upcoming debut album details

ELDAMAR - The Force of the Ancient Land

Atmospheric epic black metal band Eldamar, the personal project of Mathias Hemmingby from Askim, Norway has recently signed to the German label Northern Silence Productions, in order to release its debut full-length album “The Force of the Ancient Land“. Eldamar started in summer of 2015 inspired by J.R.R Tolkien, heathenism, elven magic and nature. The whole reason behind Eldamar is that the listener can connect with the music in a very emotional way and combine it with nature. Then he will drift away in His own dreams. The official release date of “The Force of the Ancient Land” is set on May 6th, 2016. It will be limited to 999 copies in a standard jewel-case edition CD with 4-page booklet and new amazing artwork. The album was Read more

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SOJOURNER unveil upcoming debut album details

SOJOURNER - Empires of Ash

Atmospheric folk black metallers Sojourner from Dunedin, New Zeland and Malmö, Sweden have unveiled the first details of their upcoming debut full-length album entitled “Empires of Ash“. Formed in 2015, Sojourner released the single “Heritage of the Natural Realm” on May 23, 2015. The upcoming album is scheduled for release in the summer of 2016 via the Italian label Avantgarde Music. The mixing and mastering duties are being taken care of already by Gabriele of atmospheric black metallers The Clearing Path. Sojourner present the cover artwork of “Empires of Ash” which was done by Jordan Grimmer, as well as the album tracklist.

1. Bound by Blood
2. Heritage of the Natural Realm                              Read more

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FIRTAN reveal upcoming EP details

FIRTAN - Innenwelt

Pagan black metallers Firtan from Lörrach of South Germany will release their 2-song EP “Innenwelt” on May 6th, 2016 via Northern Silence Records. Since 2010 Firtan have been combining influences from a variety of musical genres into a raw, driving and yet cinematic sound. Influenced by bands such as Thyrfing, Agalloch and Emperor, their music is composed of elements ranging from black and pagan metal to progressive and post-rock alongside orchestral sounds, which are supported by intense vocal performances. Firtan got to play various shows and festivals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Romania, supporting bands like Imperium Dekadenz, Satyricon, Finntroll and Ne Obliviscaris. “Innenwelt” will be out in Read more

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MOONSORROW official video for “Suden Tunti”

Moonsorrow present the official video for “Suden Tunti” taken from their upcoming album “Jumalten Aika“, which will be released on April 1st, 2016 via Century Media Records.

This is the shortest song we’ve done in more than ten years!” comments Ville Sorvali. “It has all the elements that make it a Moonsorrow track but it’s still something we hadn’t done before. This is the dark side of Read more

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CRYSTALMOORS official video for “Over the Same Land” and first details of upcoming album

Cantabrian pagan metallers CrystalMoors from Santander, Spain present the official video clip for the song “Over the Same Land“. The song is taken from their upcoming third full-length album “The Mountain Will Forgive Us“, scheduled for release in the spring of 2016 by the Russian label Casus Belli Musica.

This special double CD album will consist of two parts: the 1st CD “The Sap That Feeds Us” is the band’s brand new material in the vein traditional for the group, and the 2nd CD “La Montaña” contains the Read more

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