HESPERIA reveal details of upcoming album


Italian epic metal band Hesperia, the personal project of Hesperus from Macerata, will release its 6th full-length album “Caesar [Roma vol.I]“on February 10th 2017 via the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records. Apart from the standard digipak edition of the album, a limited to 100 copies Box edition will be released too, containing the digipak, gifts, a mini board game. and different cover artwork on the outside box. Hesperia has just unveiled the cover artwork of the standard edition, which is an historical allegory of the ancient Roman / Italic centrality and supremacy, with references to the life of Caesar. The woman on the left is an allegory of Gallia (and in general represents the populations northwest of Rome / Italy); the woman on the right is Cleopatra of Egypt (and in Read more

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TENGGER CAVALRY official video for “Kaan”

Nomadic folk metallers Tengger Cavalry from China released the official music video for the song “Kaan”.

Tengger Cavalry official page
Tengger Cavalry @ Facebook
Tengger Cavalry @ Twitter
Tengger Cavalry @ Bandcamp

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HEIDRA official video for the acoustic version of “Lone Warrior”

Epic folk black metallers Heidra from Copenhagen, Denmark released the official video for the new acoustic version of the song “Lone Warrior“, whose original version was included in the 2011 “Northern Tales” demo.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Henrik Stendahl.                Read more

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DUROTHAR released debut album


German Viking metallers Durothar from Hamburg have self-released their debut full-length album “Auf See” on December 1st 2016. The album was self recorded and mixed / mastered by Heiko Domeier. Durothar were formed in the year 2009 and during the first years they played melodic pagan metal. As the time ran by and after a few changes in the line-up, their music changed bit by bit. Nowadays the five musicians are playing a heavy mix of black and (melodic) death metal with German lyrics about journeys to foreign northern countries, big battles, the dangers out on sea and the joy of a safe return. Within that they don’t try to look and act like the usual pagan Viking metal bands and they are not afraid to show some self-mockery. In the last few Read more

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ITHILIEN official music video for “Blindfolded”

Belgian folkcore metal band Ithilien presents the official music video for the song ”Blindfolded“, taken from its upcoming second full-length album “Shaping the Soul“, scheduled for release on February 17th, 2017 via WormHoleDeath.

Ithilien official page
Ithilien @ Facebook
Ithilien @ MySpace
Ithilien @ Twitter
Ithilien @ Bandcamp

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SEER’S FIRE released debut single

SEER'S FIRE - A Forlorn Name

Epic fantasy atmospheric black metal band Seer’s Fire from the Netherlands has just released its first song, entitled “A Forlorn Name“. The single is available for free download in the band’s official Bandcamp page. Seer’s Fire is the personal project of R.v.R. from Utrecht, who plays all instruments and is also responsible for the vocals. This project started in 2016 with the aim to express fantasy-like atmospheres, not tied to any specific lore, but inspired by many of them. ”A Forlorn Name” is actually a promotional single for Seer’s Fire and a first taste of the upcoming full-length album that will follow soon.

Seer’s Fire @ Facebook        Read more

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SKYFOREST re-release debut album

SKYFOREST - Aftermath

Russian atmospheric post black metal band Skyforest has just re-released a remastered edition of its debut album “Aftermath“. Skyforest is the personal project of B.M. (also in Blurry Lights, Hiki) and a follow-up to his previous project, Annorkoth. Basically Skyforest is just the new name of the project, since B.M. decided to start from a blank page. “Aftermath” was the debut full-length album of Skyforest, originally released in August 2014, and was in the process of writing since around September 2013. Just to make things more serious, B.M. invited Tim from Germ (ex-Austere), who wrote lyrics, recorded vocals and live drums. For “Together in Death” he invited another musician, Juleah, for recording additional vocals. She’s also a multi-instrumentalist and Read more

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MØRKT TRE unveil upcoming debut details

MORKT TRE - To the Graves of Smoldering Time

Ukrainian atmospheric black metal band Mørkt Tre will finally release its debut full-length album “To the Graves of Smoldering Time” in February 2017, via the Brazilian label Fimbulvinter Productions. Mørkt Tre were formed in 2010 and the same year they started recording their debut album, so practically this work was recorded within 6 years. Through the inspiration of all this time, the band tries to capture the true atmosphere of Carpathian seasons. “To the Graves of Smoldering Time” consists of 4 atmospheric black metal tracks and 2 dark ambient meditative tracks, with a total playtime around 48 minutes. It will be available in standard jewel-case edition CD and the band has already unveiled the cover artwork, painted by Tern Loge and Rogneda (design by Kogaion Art) as well as the album tracklist. There is also a video teaser that Read more

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