MØRKT TRE unveil upcoming debut details

MORKT TRE - To the Graves of Smoldering Time

Ukrainian atmospheric black metal band Mørkt Tre will finally release its debut full-length album “To the Graves of Smoldering Time” in February 2017, via the Brazilian label Fimbulvinter Productions. Mørkt Tre were formed in 2010 and the same year they started recording their debut album, so practically this work was recorded within 6 years. Through the inspiration of all this time, the band tries to capture the true atmosphere of Carpathian seasons. “To the Graves of Smoldering Time” consists of 4 atmospheric black metal tracks and 2 dark ambient meditative tracks, with a total playtime around 48 minutes. It will be available in standard jewel-case edition CD and the band has already unveiled the cover artwork, painted by Tern Loge and Rogneda (design by Kogaion Art) as well as the album tracklist. There is also a video teaser that Read more

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ALNE / STWORZ split album will soon be released

ALNE + STWORZ - Warnija

Polish folk metal bands Alne and Stworz have announced the release of a split album entitled “Warńija“, a work dedicated to both bands’ homeland, Warmia. The album will be released in February 2017 via Werewolf Promotion, on the label’s 10th anniversary. “Warńija” consists of 12 dark neofolk tracks, 4 from Alne and 8 from Stworz, offering almost an hour of stylish and dark pagan folk music, celebrating the spirit of Warmia, the beauty of its nature and its culture, and the forgotten by many traditions. Alne will be supported in vocals by Anna Malarz, whose uncommon voice could be admired until recently in another great Polish folk pagan metal band, Thy Worshiper. For one of their songs, “Tęsknota“, Alne released a promotional clip, using Read more

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DRAUGÛL reveal upcoming album details and new video

DRAUGUL - Winterspell

Epic Viking metal band Draugûl, the personal project of Hellcommander Vargblod from Malta, who now resides in Sweden, will soon release its upcoming fourth full-length album, entitled “Winterspell“. The new album will be released via Vegvisir Distribution on digipak CD edition during the first week of January 2017! Draugûl has already unveiled the final cover artwork for “Winterspell“, created in collaboration with the talented Wappenschmied, the album tracklist, as well as the official video for the song “Fjällstorm” that you can watch below.

1. Fjällstorm
2. Hagalaz                          Read more

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DRACHENFEUER unveil debut album details

DRACHENFEUER - Realm of Light

Drachenfeuer is epic Tolkien ambient / cinematic dungeon synth, founded by Jim Kirkwood and Alexander Wieser back in 2007. Both artists have been writing music since the 80’s from black metal to Gothic, ambient and more… Drachenfeuer have released 2 tracks on both volumes of the mighty “The First Ring” compilation so far (2007 & 2013) and in 2009 they recorded their debut album “Realm of Light”. 7 years it was lost in the vaults, until Dark Age Productions picked it up for a limited edition release. As Jim Kirkwood released 80+ albums since the 80’s under his very own name, Alexander Wieser worked in several projects like Uruk-Hai, Hrossharsgrani, Eismond, Solid Grey, Hrefnesholt, Elisabetha, Manwe. The music of Drachenfeuer is Read more

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VARANG NORD released new EP

VARANG NORD - Call of Battle

Viking folk metal band Varang Nord from Daugavpils, Latvia has just released a new 3-track EP, entitled “Call of Battle“. It is a digital-only EP, available in the band’s official Bandcamp page and it is actually a sample of their upcoming full-length album that will be released in 2017. The song “Ziemeļvīri / Northmen” was recorded together with the mighty Latgalian warrior Alvis Bernāns, who is also a part of Green Novice and Skyforger. You can watch the official lyrics video of the song below. Once again, it is time to unsheathe you blades and venture into northern forests to see, if you can endure piercing cold, blood battles and strong Nordic ale!

1. Call of Battle (Зов битвы) – 06:23             Read more

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TVERD official video for “Зачин”

Russian folk pagan metallers Твердь (Tverd) are back after 8 years of silence! They present the official video for the song “Зачин” taken from their upcoming second album “Rus“, which will be hopefully out in summer 2017.

Твердь were formed in 2007 by Vetrodar, the main composer and musician of Russian pagan folk metal band Pagan Reign.

Tverd official page
Tverd @ VK

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BUCOVINA official video for “Asteapta-ma Dincolo de Moarte”

Romanian traditional folk metal band Bucovina from Iasi presents the official video for the single “Asteapta-ma Dincolo de Moarte“.

Bucovina @ Facebook
Bucovina @ Bandcamp

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GORGON official video for “Everlasting Flame of Olympus”

French symphonic death metallers Gorgon from Paris present the official music video for the song “Everlasting Flame of Olympus” taken from their debut full-length album “Titanomachy“, self-released in 2016.

Gorgon official page
Gorgon @ Facebook
Gorgon @ Twitter

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