SVARTBY released Christmas Special EP

SVARTBY - Festa Hart

While composing and preparing their new album, Russian svartcore brutal folk metallers Svartby from Saint-Petersburg have decided to get you a Svartcore Christmas Special set of covers! On December 24th, 2017 they released “Festa Hårt“, a short EP, including 4 Christmas themed tracks. “Festa Hårt” is a digital-only album, available for free download in Svartby’s official Bandcamp page. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexey Bolotov between November and December 2017 and the artwork is by Dmitriy “Impaga” Isakevich. Unwrap your present and enjoy!

1. Deck the Halls
(the metal cover of a traditional song… with slightly altered Read more

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AWAKEN SOLACE official video for “Moon over the Mountain”

Australian epic symphonic metallers Awaken Solace from Brisbane have just released the official music video for the song “Moon over the Mountain“, the fifth track of their second full-length album “Mythandriel“, self-released on July 7th, 2017.

Awaken Solace official page
Awaken Solace @ Facebook
Awaken Solace @ Twitter

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KHORAJA released debut EP

KHORAJA - Echoes of Thunder Beneath the Waves

Greek atmospheric melodic black metalles Khoraja from Thessaloniki, have just released their debut EP “Echoes of Thunder, Beneath the Waves“. It is a 4-track EP with a total duration a little over 16 minutes, available digitally in the band’s official Bandcamp page. Khoraja were formed in 2017, by the main members Thomas (guitars, music, lyrics) and Leonidas (bass, also on Deuteronomy, Carthage). Khoraja’s influences come from a wide range of black metal genres, mainly from the atmospheric and melodic scene, including bands as Ulver, Agalloch, Wolves in the Throne Room among others. The concept of “Echoes of Thunder, Beneath the Waves” deals with a man who is obsessed with a woman who lures him and eventually destroys him. Vocals in the EP were Read more

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ADAVÄNT official video for “Renegade Ridge”

Epic folk metal band Adavänt from Arizona USA presents the official music video for the song “Renegade Ridge“, taken from its upcoming third full-length studio album “The Unyielding“.

Adavänt @ Facebook
Adavänt @ Bandcamp

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ALNE released new EP

ALNE - Opowiesci Krotszych Dni

Polish dark experimental folk metallers Alne have recently released their new work, a digital only 3-track EP entitled “Opowieści Krótszych Dni“. The ancient Gods of Alne’s homeland, feasts, folk demonology, customs, rites and chants collected by ethnographers are always an endless source of inspiration for their music. This time, the lyrics form a triptych devoted to “the dark side of the year” – autumn and winter time. Two of the songs are based on poems written by Teofil Lenartowicz (a Polish 19th century ethnographer, sculptor and poet, whose writing was inspired by Polish folklore). The third song tells of Żmij (Slavic dragon), fighting with Perun. The triptych “Opowieści Krótszych Dni” contains about 14 minutes of music.

1. Modlitwa Słoneczna                Read more

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LOU QUINSE official video for “Chanter, Boire et Rire Rire”

Alpine extreme folkcore metallers Lou Quinse from Torino, Italy present their new video for the song “Chanter, Boire et Rire Rire“, the first single from their upcoming album “Lo Sabbat“.

The song is a medley of “Chanter, Boire et Rire Rire“, a traditional song from Val San Martin (Piedmont) and “La Leggera“, a traditional workers’ song Read more

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DALRIADA official video for “Búsirató”

The leading Hungarian folk metal band, Dalriada has just released its new music video for the song “Búsirató” from the upcoming new studio album “Nyárutó“, scheduled for release via Nail Records on January 19th 2018.

Dalriada official page
Dalriada @ Facebook
Dalriada @ Twitter

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“Эффект Бабочки 2″ split album will soon be released


On December 16th 2017, SoundAge Productions will release the second part of “Эффект Бабочки” a very interesting “split” album for fans of Russian pagan metal masters Butterfly Temple. The first part was released by the same label again, back in 2009. Entitled “Эффект Бабочки 2 – Своя Земля” (Butterfly Effect 2 – Our Land) this album is a real Living Tree of various projects, rooted in the history of the remarkable, original Butterfly Temple. Some members of these bands are former and current musicians of Butterfly Temple, and they combined their, so different, creativity in a single album, as a sign of respect for each other, in memory of old friendship, tireless love for diverse music and free creativity. You can watch the official album teaser below in order to get a first taste. The musicians who participated in this release have Read more

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