MYRKGRAV unveil upcoming album details and teaser

MYRKGRAV - Takk og farvel

Norwegian folk metal band Myrkgrav, the personal project of Lars Jensen from Åsa, Ringerike, has revealed some interesting details about its upcoming release entitled “Takk og Farvel; Tida er Blitt ei Annen“. The album will be initially out in digital format, but the band is also looking for a label to release it physically. Myrkgrav have unveiled the cover artwork, hand drawn in ink by Fanny Storlund, as well as the album tracklist. You can also watch an extended video teaser below, which includes excerpts of all songs from the upcoming album (except one). Release date of “Takk og Farvel; Tida er Blitt ei Annen” isn’t yet announced. The album title translates to “Thank you and Farewell; Times have Changed” a title fitting perfectly with the back-story of this album:          Read more

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ATARAXIA reveal upcoming album details

ATARAXIA - Deep Blue Firmament

Italian dark Gothic ethereal neoclassical band Ataraxia will release its brand new full-length album ”Deep Blue Firnament” at the end of September 2016 via the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records. Expect more than one hour of music on limited digipak edition CD and standard jewel case edition CD, as well as a single on 7″ vinyl. Ataraxia have recently unveiled the beautiful cover artwork and the tracklist for ”Deep Blue Firnament”. There is also a video teaser of the album that you can watch below. Furthermore the band wanted to share some more news and feelings regarding the new album with all of you:             Read more

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IRON WOODS unveil upcoming album details

IRON WOODS - Gods and Men

Brazilian battle pagan metallers Iron Woods from São Paulo will soon release their 4th full-length album entitled “Gods and Men“. The album will be out on September 7th 2016 by the Brazilian labels Fimbulvinter Productions and Mutilation Records in digipak edition CD. ”Gods and Men” will include 8 new tracks forged in the ritualistic winter time, through the battle and deep pagan woods. Many of these songs were presented live for the first time on July 23 at Bellvm Deorvm Fest in São Paulo, where Iron Woods shared the stage with Greek pagan black metallers Kawir. The band has already revealed the cover artwork and the album tracklist. You can also listen below to the track “The Time Has Come to Fight” taken from the upcoming album and get a first taste!

1. Intro
2. The Voice of Battle Cry              Read more

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FROZEN OCEAN release limited EP

FROZEN OCEAN - A Faded Missive Therefrom

Experimental ambient atmospheric black metal project Frozen Ocean from Russia has conducted a very successful campaign on Groupees earlier this year, selling exclusive packages of digital material. Previously unheard songs were unveiled as the pledges of support increased, including two unlockable EPs never released before. These EPs, which are featuring some of Frozen Ocean’s most haunting and evocative ambient work to date, were united into one 4-track compilation called “A Faded Missive Therefrom” and got a physical embodiment managed by Operator Produkzion, who are good old friends of the project. The EP will be available in a strictly limited to 48 hand-numbered copies CD-r edition, in a printed 4-panel sleeve designed by Read more

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ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM and XERIÓN will release split CD

ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM + XERION - Parables, Fantasies & Chimeras

Portuguese epic pagan thrash metallers Antiquus Scriptum and Galician black metallers Xerión from Spain have announced the release of a split album in January 2017!! The work shall be entitled “... Parábolas, Fantasías & Quimeras… (Unha Alianza Lusitana e Galega de Honra e Sangue)” which translates to “… Parables, Fantasies & Chimeras… (An Lusitanian and Galician Alliance of Blood and Honor)“. As the album name indicates, it will be a Celtiberian communion in honor of the bands’ Galician and Lusitanian ancestors, whom lived in harmony and together they fought the Romans for the honor and dignity of a free Iberian Peninsula, more than 2.000 years ago. The split CD shall be released by the German Wolfmond Production and will be printed on pro-CDr format limited to 300 copies, and by the Spanish Nigra Mors in pro-Tape, Read more

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YAŞRU unveil upcoming album details

YASRU - Borubay

Turkish folk metallers Yaşru from Istanbul signed a distribution deal with the Italian label Wormholedeath Records to release their new album “Börübay“. The album will be out on October 28th, 2016 in Europe. More release dates will be announced soon. Founded in 2007 by Berk Öner under the name Sidre as a one man band project. With the change of interests, subjects and melodies so did the name to Yaşru in 2009, which means ‘mystery, secret’ in old Turkic (Gokturk) language. Yaşru, is inspired by ancient Turkic culture and folklore, takes the life, beliefs, writings and epic stories of the people at that time. Songs are intensively lyrical and epic. In 2012 Yasru released its first promo album “Öd Tengri Yasar” through web to its listeners. With the success of promo album, Berk decided to add other members to the band for concert requests.               Read more

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HEID announce debut album

HEID - Alba

Spanish pagan black metallers Heid from Madrid have just revealed the first details of their upcoming debut full-length album, entitled “Alba” (Daybreak), scheduled for release on November 14th 2016. With “Alba” Heid have wanted to go further in the development of the Castilian pagan metal. Traditional Spanish rhythms such as the “jota”, “rumba” or “zorzico” are the foundation of the 10 songs of the album. The band speaks about medieval myths and their history through an extreme metal free of complex when it’s time to mix black, pagan and modern metal. “Alba” has been mixed and mastered by Iván Ibañez of Estudios 51. Heid have already unveiled the cover artwork, created by Sevillian artist Daniel Zrom Art and the album tracklist.

1. Triste está el Rey               Read more

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SUIDAKRA official video for “Braving the End”

German Celtic metal band SuidAkrA presents the official video for the song “Braving the End” taken from its new album “Realms of Odoric“, out since May 2016 via AFM Records.

SuidAkrA official page
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