SCUORN official lyric video for “Virgilio Mago”

Parthenopean epic black metal act Scuorn unveils lyric video for the song “Virgilio Mago”, the second track from the upcoming debut album “Parthenope”, out worldwide at the beginning of 2017 via Dusktone.

The legend of “Virgilio Mago” is based on the famous poet Publius Vergilius Maro, arguably believed to be a visionary clairvoyant by the Neapolitans, who later proclaimed his Read more

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DAZHBOG released new EP

DAZHBOG - Yearning the Beauty of This World

Ambient folk electronica band Dazhbog, has just released its seventh work, the EP “Yearning the Beauty of this World…“. Dazhbog is the personal project of Francisco Samael Flores R. from Mexico (also in Benatnash, Grim Skoll, Eidyllion, ex-Ereshkigal, ex-Forest of Doom), who is currently living in Waksmund, Poland. The new EP is inspired by the arrival of spring after a long winter… The music tries to express the blooming of nature after a long sleep under the cover of snow and cold winds. Every chapter is an act of contemplation and respect for Mother Nature. “Yearning the Beauty of this World…” is single track lasting for 36 minutes and is divided into seven chapters. It is released only digitally and is available via Dazhbog’s official SoundCloud page.

Chapter I – At the Edge of Gloaming             Read more

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ELLENDE unveil upcoming album details

ELLENDE - Todbringer

Austrian atmospheric black metal band Ellende from Graz has just unveiled the first details of its upcoming second full-length album. It will be entitled “Todbringer” and it is scheduled for release on November 7th 2016 via the Austrian label Talheim Records. Ellende, which is the personal project of Lukas, have also revealed the album tracklist and the amazing cover artwork, painted by Lukas himself. “Todbringer” will include 7 songs plus a bonus track and its total duration will be over 56 minutes. It will be released in a very special digipak edition with booklet, as well as in digital format. Pre-orders will start on October 3rd, 2016.

1. Am Sterbebett der Zeit           Read more

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КНЯЖАЯ ПУСТЫНЬ official movie for “Быль”

Ambient neofolk atmospheric black metal band Княжая Пустынь (Knyazhaija Pustyn’ ) from Russia presents the official movie for its upcoming album “Быль“. “Быль” includes 29 songs and will be released in a double CD edition via Der Schwarze Tod on October 10th 2016.

Княжая Пустынь @ VK
Княжая Пустынь @ Bandcamp

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EARTHBOUND FABLE released debut EP


Greek epic folk melodic death metallers Earthbound Fable from Larissa have just released their debut 3-track EP “Starbound“. The project was formed by Alex Poulios in the winter of 2012. Inspired mainly by Finnish metal bands, he wanted to compose his own music which is based on epic folk and melodic death metal, combining his two favorite genres. Then, with the help of his brother Dimitris Poulios in ideas and composition, Alexis managed to perfect the songs, which he was working and make the dream a reality. In the fall of 2014, he began the recordings for the EP “Starbound“. After a long delay of two years (for personal reasons) the EP was released in September 2016. The lyrical concept of Earthbound Fable deals mainly with epic tales, heroic feats and ancient prophecies. Other influences come from Read more

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HEID official video for “Rumbo al Sur”

Spanish pagan black death metallers Heid present the official video for “Rumbo al Sur” taken from their forthcoming debut “Alba“, that will be out on November 14th 2016. The band runs a crowdfunding campaign, where you can pre-order the upcoming album and help them reach their goals.

Heid @ Facebook
Heid @ Twitter
Heid @ Bandcamp

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SELVANS and DOWNFALL OF NUR announce upcoming collaboration album


Atmospheric black metal bands Selvans form Italy and Downfall of Nur from Argentina have just revealed the first details of their upcoming collaboration. This is not just another split album, but a concept album composed and recorded by both bands, also performing on each other’s tracks. It will be out via Avantgarde Music on November 7th 2016 on CD and one week later on LP. Vinyl will be limited to 300 copies (with 100 special copies for the pre-orders) and CD in a 6-panel digipak edition. Sun and moon, the perfect opposites. A dualism from which every couple of opposites of the known universe springs. A duality observed and widely studied, sung and represented in several ways during past eras. The aim of this Opus in four acts is Read more

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STERBEFALL official video for “Negativ”

Russian atmospheric post doom black metal band Sterbefall presents you the video clip for their new track “Negativ“. This track will set the sound of the future album of Sterbefall, on which active work is being done.

The idea of ​​the video was invented and realized by Sterbefall’s front-man Dmitry (diedemor studio) in the form of an animated film.                   Read more

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