TROLLFEST official video for “Espen Bin Askeladden”

Norwegian folk metallers TrollfesT present the official music video for the single “Espen Bin Askeladden” taken from their upcoming album “Norwegian Fairytales” scheduled for release on January 18th, 2019 via NoiseArt Records.

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YOMI released their new album

YOMI - Land of the Rising Sun

Japanese folk metallers Yomi from Latvia have just released their third full-length album, entitled “Land of the Rising Sun“. The lyrics of the album revolve around the period of Japanese history between 1274 and 1281 – the time of an attempted Mongolian invasion. From the initial skirmishes at Tsushima to the infamous Mongol defeat by the Divine Winds (‘kamikaze’, in Japanese), the album takes listeners through battles, blood, fear and an occasional reflection upon the conflict, finally turning their attention to the indomitable will of gods, in whose power it is to bury many scores of enemy under the waves. “Land of the Rising Sun” was self-released on November 9th, 2018, and is currently available in digital format on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and other digital outlets. Physical copies Read more

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WARDRUNA official video for “Voluspá”

Norse ethnic folk band Wardruna presents the official music video for the song “Voluspá“, leading up to the band’s upcoming acoustic album “Skald“, scheduled for release on November 23, 2018 via By Norse Music.

Einar Selvik (band’s founder and main composer) has teamed up with Finnish company Koski Syvari led by Tuukka Koski, plus a pack of wolves, creating a beautiful film to his Skaldic rendition of the Read more

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RAUHNÅCHT new album details revealed

RAUHNACHT - Unterm Gipfelthron

With a whisper of forgotten times, Austrian pagan black metal band Rauhnåcht (the personal project of Stefan Traunmüller) returns to the fray with its greatest work yet, “Unterm Gipfelthron”. It is the third full-length of the band and will be released on December 7th, 2018 worldwide via Debemur Morti Productions. Since forming in 2010, Rauhnåcht has released two titanic full lengths, “Vorweltschweigen” (2010) and “Urzeitgeist” (2014) in addition to a series of EPs and split releases. “Unterm Gipfelthron”, meaning “below the throne of the mountain peak”, moves to the next-level: a hymn to nature through the medium of melodic, progressive pagan black metal, heavily immersed in Alpine mountain folk music, simultaneously Read more

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NEMUS unveil upcoming album details

NEMUS - See-Mensch

Atmospheric post black metal project Nemus from Germany, will release its second full-length album “See-Mensch” on November 24th, 2018 via Naturmacht Productions. Nemus is the personal project of Frank Riegler from Bamberg, Bavaria and his new album “See-Mensch” contains six songs, that will tell you the story of the “water human” and take you right into his empire. In the depth of the lake, hiding in the dark, there is a creature, that was never meant to be. Once a human being, now a chimera, a fish-man, guarding the depth. A story of self hatred, agony and at some point acceptance. A mixture of black metal, post rock, folk instruments and tortured vocals create a dark and energy filled atmosphere, which is supported by self-recorded forest and water sounds. “See-Mensch” will be released in a limited to 300 copies Read more

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SKÁLD official video for “Rún”

Skáld present the official music video for the song “Rún” taken from their upcoming debut album “Vikings Chant“, scheduled for release on January 18th, 2019.

Skáld is a unique project in music inspired by Nordic mythology. Developed over time by a group of enthusiasts, the project originated when producer-composer Christophe Voisin-Boisvinet encountered a trio of talented singers whose voices had atypical timbres. Together they Read more

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SECHEM unveil debut album details

SECHEM - Disputes With My Ba

Spanish oriental metallers Sechem from Madrid are extremely happy to announce some details related to their upcoming debut full-length album “Disputes With My Ba“, which will be available worldwide in digital platforms and in music stores across Europe on December 21, 2018, thanks to ATCYS Records and FC Metal. Produced by Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land), mixed by Arie Aranovich (Angra, Orphaned Land), and mastered by Jonathan Jiacobi (Jaffa Sound Arts) in Israel, “Disputes With My Ba” exemplifies the band’s complex evolution since 2010, resulting in a modern metal album, but with an ethnic and eclectic twist, with melodies from different parts of the world. Sechem have unveiled the front cover art by Starfountain Design, the album tracklist and the first single “An Epic Journey to Yam” off the upcoming album, that you can listen to below.       Read more

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EINHERJER official video for “Mine Våpen Mine Ord”

Norwegian Viking metal band Einherjer presents the official video for the song “Mine Våpen Mine Ord” from its upcoming album “Norrøne Spor“, scheduled for release on November 9th, 2018 via Indie Recordings.

Einherjer official page
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