EINHERJER official video for “Spre Vingene”

Norwegian Viking metallers Einherjer have released the official video for the song “Spre Vingene” taken off their upcoming album “Norrøne Spor“, out on November 9th 2018 via Indie Recordings.

Einherjer official page
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PAGAN REIGN are back with a new album

PAGAN REIGN - Once Again

Russian pagan metal legends Pagan Reign from Tver return after more than 12 years of silence with their new full-length album, entitled “Once Again“!!! It is the fifth full-length album of the band and will be released via SoundAge Productions hopefully in December 2018. It will be available in limited fat digi-book edition and standard jewel case CD, as well as in two different vinyl editions, both hand-numbered. Pagan Reign have already unveiled the cover artwork, the album tracklist as well as the first single “Return of Slavonian Gods“, the second track of the upcoming album. More news and release dates will soon be announced.

1. Stairway from Golden Svarga      Read more

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IDEAS official video for “Till the End of Time”

Hungarian symphonic metal band Ideas from Tatabánya presents its new official video “Till the End of Time“! A special mix between the worlds of a metal band, Irish music and Irish Dance! “Till the End of Time” digital single is coming soon by Nail Records!

Ideas official page
Ideas @ Facebook

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TROLLFEST reveal details of upcoming album

TROLLFEST - Norwegian Fairytales

It’s shortly after Christmas, that trollish activities are at their highest, so prepare for some tiny people to deliver “Norwegian Fairytales” to you on January 18th, 2019 via NoiseArt Records. Oslo’s folkish madmen TrollfesT are back with a bag full of hymns and what would be a better thematical choice for their eighth album than a concept based on various Norwegian myths and legends? With eight full-length releases since their inception in 2004, the trollish powerhouse has constantly kept their fans busy with new music and unrivalled live shows, but this time the lyrics on beer orgies performed in their unique “Trollspråk” have made room to the more ambitious topics and legends that the band wisely chose from their ancestral books and Read more

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VALHALORE official video for “Solace” and upcoming EP details

Australian epic folk Viking metallers Valhalore from Brisbane present the official music video for “Solace“, the first single taken from their upcoming acoustic EP “Solace & Solitude” arriving on November 30th, 2018.

Valhalore will be releasing ”Solace & Solitude” on their upcoming Australian tour with Kamelot this December. Tickets and limited pre-order bundles of the “Solace Package” are available now through their website and stock is extremely limited. This bundle includes Read more

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VINTERGATA official video for “Смородина”

Russian symphonic dark fantasy blackened metallers VintergatA present the official video for the song “Смородина / Smorodina” taken from their upcoming full-length album “Смородина” scheduled for release on September 24th, 2018 via SoundAge Productions.

Arts and animation by Vladimir Prokofiev.

VintergatA @ Facebook       Read more

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MENEAPNEONTES unveil upcoming album details

MENEAPNEONTES - Peri Polemou Psychis

Greek epic black metallers Meneapneontes will soon release their upcoming studio work, entitled “Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής“. It is the second full-length album of the band, after 2015′s “Promachos“, and it will be released in CD format via the Mexican label Azermedoth Records at the end of September 2018. “Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής” includes eleven tracks of Hellenic black metal cult, featuring guest appearances by Hildr Valkyrie and Magus Wampyr Daoloth. Meneapneontes have already unveiled the cover artwork and album tracklist, as well as a couple of songs from the new album!

1. Ήρωος
2. Σιδηρούν Γένος
3. Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής              Read more

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GRAI official video for “Мгла со Mной”

Russian folk metal band Грай (Grai) presents the official music video for the track “Мгла со Mной / Darkness with Me” from the latest album “Пепел / Ashes“.

Grai @ Facebook
Grai @ VK
Grai @ Bandcamp

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