SAOR official video for “Bròn”

Scottish atmospheric folk black metal band Saor presents the official music video for the song “Bròn” taken from the forthcoming album “Forgotten Paths“, scheduled for release on February 15th, 2019 via Avantgarde Music.

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HAEREDIUM official video for “Breathe”

French folk metallers Haeredium present the official music video for “Breathe“, the first single extracted from the band’s second studio album “Ascension“, due out on March 15th 2019 via Art Gates Records.

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NORVHAR unveil debut EP details


Swiss epic pagan folk metallers Norvhar from Lausanne will release their debut EP “Kauna” on February 16, 2019. Apart for the digital release, “Kauna” will be also available if physical CD edition, self-released by the band. Formed in 2018 from the ashes of the band Harmoniks, Norvhar consists of six skilled musicians, all of them with stage experience. After about three years of work on this EP, it seems important for the band to explain the content and concept of the album. Kauna (or kaunas or Kaunan) is the Viking rune of fire and knowledge. Since the concept of this EP is a story told by an obscure old man at the fireside, the meaning of this title, which seems abstract at first, it becomes clearer. He narrates the fate of peoples living in a world prey to Read more

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LOCHRIAN POEM released debut album


Lochrian Poem is one of the newest projects of Andrei “Solomonar” Oltean from Sibiu Romania (also in E-an-na, Prometheic, Shades ov Sha’arimrath, Transylvanian FolkCore Orchestra, ex-Prohod, ex-Hoia Baciu, ex-WarChant). With this band he explores an experimental atmospheric folk doom metal sound, with a very unique sound and constant changes of mood and musical styles… After a couple of singles, the debut full-length album of Lochrian Poem, entitled “Snow” has just been released digitally on January 4th, 2019. It is a short and spontaneous album about the grey and static landscapes of Guşteriţa, in the suburbs of Sibiu, where time has a very strange consistency and the clouds loom like inexplicable bits of dust hanging from one’s clothes. Eerie dogs and unsettling people dwell in this crevice of Read more

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WOLFHORDE official video for “Doctor of the Plague”

Finnish folk metallers Wolfhorde from Keuruu present the official music video for the first single “Doctor of the Plague” from their upcoming second full-length album “Hounds of Perdition“, scheduled for release on January 11th, 2019 by Inverse Records.

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KRUMMHOLZ released debut EP

KRUMMHOLZ - Rooted in Despair

East African atmospheric black metal band Krummholz has just released its debut 2-track EP entitled “Rooted in Despair” via Naturmacht Productions (through the label’s Underground Series). Krummholz is the sound of nature glorified, ambushed and maligned. Breaking forth from the drier spaces of mankind, this East African collaborative effort unites the morose vision of Noktal with the transcendental force of Seeker and the somnolent musings of Victor Rosewrath. “Rooted in Despair” varies the majesty of the elements with the agony of prevailing destruction into a somber well of atmospheric black metal. It is available since today in a 4-panel digipak CDr edition limited to 100 copies only.           Read more

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TROLLFEST official video for “Espen Bin Askeladden”

Norwegian folk metallers TrollfesT present the official music video for the single “Espen Bin Askeladden” taken from their upcoming album “Norwegian Fairytales” scheduled for release on January 18th, 2019 via NoiseArt Records.

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YOMI released their new album

YOMI - Land of the Rising Sun

Japanese folk metallers Yomi from Latvia have just released their third full-length album, entitled “Land of the Rising Sun“. The lyrics of the album revolve around the period of Japanese history between 1274 and 1281 – the time of an attempted Mongolian invasion. From the initial skirmishes at Tsushima to the infamous Mongol defeat by the Divine Winds (‘kamikaze’, in Japanese), the album takes listeners through battles, blood, fear and an occasional reflection upon the conflict, finally turning their attention to the indomitable will of gods, in whose power it is to bury many scores of enemy under the waves. “Land of the Rising Sun” was self-released on November 9th, 2018, and is currently available in digital format on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and other digital outlets. Physical copies Read more

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