ADAVÄNT reveal second album details

ADAVANT - A Light Cut Through the Void

American Epic folk metallers Adavänt from Chandler, Arizona will soon unleash their second full-length album “A Light Cut Through the Void“. The album will be self released on December 21, 2013, but is already available for pre-order on the band’s e-shop! They have completed the album a long time ago, but they needed funding to produce it and create new merchandise. Adavänt were formed in 2007 and since their early steps they played epic folk metal with pagan and classical influences, combining the epic melodies of Celtic and Baroque songwriting with the heaviness of thrash and death metal. In 2011 they self-released their debut full-length album “Tale Untold”. The band has revealed the tracklist of “A Light Cut Through the Void“, its cover artwork illustrated by Tony Alongi and a short video trailer.                         

1. Prologue: A Light Cut Through The Void
2. The Battle of Maelstrom Valley
(Part I: Man and Steel Combine)
(Part II: The Gods Shall Intervene)
3. The Drunken Monks of Halamathunk
4. The Beast of Oakenstone
5. A Captain’s Eulogy
6. The Refill
7. The Black Barrel Ale
8. The Ballad of Abigail McCree
9. On Crimson Wing
10. Epilogue: Back Into The World

Adavänt official page
Adavänt @ Facebook


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