OBSIDIAN GATE reveal upcoming album details

OBSIDIAN GATE - Whom the Fire Obeys

German orchestral black death metallers Obsidian Gate return after a decade of silence! The band has announced the release of its 3rd full-length album “Whom the Fire Obeys“, 11 years after their self-released EP “The Vengeance“. Forged by the band itself, the album contains 11 tracks of a fast and crushing hybrid between death and black metal with omnipresent orchestral maneuvers. The album is going to be released both as digital download as well as on a limited to 500 copies digipak edition by Kristallblut Records, and marks a new beginning in the history of Obsidian Gate. “Whom the Fire Obeys” is expected on December 2013 / January 2014 and the band has already revealed the cover artwork and album tracklist.

1. March of Sethian Legions
2. Jackal-Headed Devourer               
3. Khnemu Her-Shef
4. Plagues Upon Them!
5. Sekhmet, the Wrathful
6. The Vengeance of Thoth
7. Entomb Me Beneath the Glare of Aton
8. Becoming Iblis
9. Feed Him to the Desert
10. Discarnated in Fevers
11. Whom the Fire Obeys

Playing Time: 54:58

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