SVENTOYAR new album details and video for “Ключы”


Ukrainian folk metal band Свентояр (Sventoyar) from Kharkiv has announced the release of its third full-length album, entitled “Єдність“, which translates to “Unity“. The band has signed to the Russian label SoundAge Productions and their new album will be out on 10th of December 2013. Свентояр were formed in 2008 and “Єдність” comes out one year after their previous work “Наша сила (Our Strength)”. This time the band decided to cover traditional folk songs from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. They have already released the official video for the song “Ключы” that you can watch below. The beautiful cover artwork and album tracklist are also already available.

1. Травушка (Russian folk song)
2. Ой чом, чому конопелюшка (Ukrainian folk song)         
3. Вячераць, мамко (Belorussian folk song)
4. А за лесом-лесом (Russian folk song)
5. Ключы (Belorussian folk song)
6. Ой давно-давно (Ukrainian folk song)
7. На горе калина (Russian folk song)
8. Страла (Belorussian folk song)
9. Ой там на горі (Ukrainian folk song)
10. Travushka (DubStep mix by StopTheMadness)

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