ROGATIY KOLOKOL reveal debut album details


A new Russian pagan folk metal band comes from the town on Irkutsk of Southern Siberia. Рогатый КолоколЪ (Horned Bell) were never heard outside the borders of the taiga biome, until the 20th of December 2013, when SoundAge Productions will release their debut album “Небыль“. Their music is brutal, wild and barbarous shredding, combined with authentic spiritual folk melodies. Their lyrics are based on traditional Slavic folklore and sad contemporary reality. It’s full of calm distinct awareness, focused at the junction of theology, blasphemy and psychedelia. Рогатый КолоколЪ have already revealed album tracklist and cover artwork.

1. Отъ Греха Подальше (зачинъ)
2. Во Еловомъ Сумраке
3. Какъ Медведь Государствомъ Правилъ                
4. Пьянь
5. Юдоль
6. Идолище
7. Чернокнижникъ
8. Хрустальная Птица
9. Незнамо Чего (починъ)

Rudokop – vocals
Kamrad – bass, vocals
Leshiy – keyboards, accordion
Zopuh – guitars, vocals, flute
Tresh – guitars, whistle
Nastasyushka – drums

Rogatiy Kolokol @ Facebook
Rogatiy Kolokol @ VK


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