VIETAH unveil upcoming album details

VIETAH - Tajemstvy Noczy

Belarusian atmospheric pagan black metal band Vietah from Gomel has announced the release of its 3rd full-length album “Tajemstvy Noczy / Sacraments of Night”. The album left the studio at the Winter of 2012 – 2013, but it will be officially released in the beginning of 2014 via the Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions. “Tajemstvy Noczy” is a forest autumnal night in a musical embodiment through atmospheric black metal prism in a context of Vietah. It has duration of more than 40 minutes, broken off on four pieces placed in four dimensions. Four alternative realities, embodied in four dark fantasies, are based upon four twilight mirrors under four manifestations. On four levels of the depth, four shades of blackness stiffened in four grins of expectation. 4 tracks of disturbing night atmosphere brought from the dense autumnal forests. Night Forest’s Sacraments happen only once and repeat never more…

1. Miesjac u Voĺnym Syhodzie / Moon in Free Leaving           
2. Tajemstvy Noczy / Sacraments of Night
3. Tajamnica Tajamnic / Mystery of Mysteries
4. Kałyhanka (dlja Njabožczyka) / Lullaby (for Dead Man)

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