FOREFATHER – Last of the Line

FOREFATHER - Last of the Line

Origin: United Kingdom
Genre: Epic Metal Viking Metal
Label: Seven Kingdoms
Year: 2011

Forefather is well known in the viking / epic pagan metal circles. Brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan formed them back in 1997 and since then they remain the only members of Forefather. Coming from Surrey in England, they released their debut “Deep into Time” in 1999 introducing a very personal sound. The second album “The Fighting Man” was out in 2000 by their own label Angelisc and they started to grow in popularity. They remained faithful to their sound and in their next 3 albums “Engla Tocyme” in 2002, “Ours Is the Kingdom” in 2004 and “Steadfast” in 2008 very few things have changed, mainly the improvement in production. In the end of 2011 they return with their 6th full-length “Last of the Line” via their own label Seven Kingdoms and they won’t disappoint their fans.

All the typical Forefather characteristics we loved are here. Their music can be described as mixture between epic heavy metal and pagan viking metal with a few black metal elements mainly in the vocals. Their overall sound and production is closer to heavy metal and they move in the typical epic tempo rhythm, with some faster extreme outbursts as well. Guitars have the leading role in their compositions, both melodic and rhythmic. They use some synths in their music, mainly in the background and almost imperceptible. Wulfstan’s excellent clean vocals are emotional and epic as always, remaining the trademark of Forefather’s sound. They also continue the use of brutal vocals in the more aggressive parts and this variety adds a lot to their music. I find everything improved in this album, since the band has a more modern sound and their best production by far. “Last of the Line” contains 12 interesting epic heavy metal compositions that last for 55 minutes. Each song is quite different from another, but the band manages to unify them under the same epic atmosphere. Both music and lyrics are inspired by England’s Anglo-Saxon roots and their epic legends.

Overall “Last of the Line” is a typical Forefather album that their fans will embrace. It is a band that continues to offer quality music in its own personal style, without any surprises or experimentation from album to album. If you have never listened to them, this is the best way to learn this great band. You can visit the links below to get a taste of their music and contact them if you want to get this album.


Rating:  (8/10)



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