VINTERSORG announce new album title, release date and unveil cover artwork


The Swedish folk metal band Vintersong is ready to present its 8th full length album entitled “Orkan“. Mastermind and visionary Andreas Hedlund alias Vintersorg has been playing an important role in the music scene since the early 90′s. “Orkan” combines the best of two worlds. Namely, his folk tinged roots and the progressive songwriting of his latest works. The new opus is a highly interesting album, comprised of all periods of the Swedes creative musical life, thus achieving a whole new level of songwriting. It will be released by Napalm Records on June 29th. The artwork is once again by Kris Verwimp.

1. Istid
2. Ur stjärnstoft är vi Komna
3. Polarnatten
4. Myren
5. Orkan
6. Havets Nåd
7. Norrskenssyner
8. Urvädersfången

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