THYRIEN reveal debut album details

THYRIEN - Hymns of the Mortals - Songs from the North

Finnish folk death black metallers Thyrien from Kerava have announced the release date of their debut full-length album “Hymns of the Mortals – Songs from the North“. The band has signed to Massacre Records and the album will be released on 24th of January 2014. Thyrien was formed in 2005 and released the EP “The Frozen North” in 2007. Since 2008 and through various line-up changes the band started working on its full-length, which will be finally released 6 years later! “Hymns of the Mortals – Songs from the North” was recorded and mixed by Olli Mattila and Jarno Hänninen at the D-Studio in Klaukkala, Finland, and mastered by Aki Rintamäki. The wonderful cover and booklet artwork is created by Kris Verwimp. The album will be available for an attractive newcomer price!

1. Far Beyond Midgard
2. Vengeance Through My Soul
3. Deathwish
4. My Victory, My Defeat
5. The Frozen North
6. The Eternal Journey
7. Forest Is My Throne
8. Nature’s Rage
9. When the Horizon Burns
10. Tinasormus

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