DRAKWALD reveal debut album details

DRAKWALD - Resist Fatality

French pagan folk death metallers Darkwald from Tours have set the 1st of February 2014 as the release date of their debut album “Resist Fatality“. The band was born in 2010 and performed its first concerts in the end of 2011. So far they have only released the 4-track demo “Forgotten Lands” in 2012. Their first full-length album was recorded during summer 2013 and it will be finally self-released by the band in digipak CD edition. The lyrical concept of “Resist Fatality” is about the way humanity can overcome all difficulties of life, showing bravery even in the darkest hours. Drakwald have revealed the cover artwork and album tracklist.

1. The Drowning (intro)
2. Let the Slaughter Begin                
3. Diving in the Depth of Agony (Hopeless Survival part.1)
4. Escape the Claws of Fate (Hopeless Survival part.2)
5. When Beer’s Flowing
6. Enter in the Den of the Night
7. Giant with the Axe
8. Raise our Swords
9. Inhale the Ashes of Honor

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