Origin: USA
Genre: Acoustic Ambient Black Metal
Label: Pest Productions
Year: 2013

Stellar Descent is a new one man Cascadian black metal band from Oregon USA. This project was formed in 2010 by A, who composes and plays everything, with the aim to create atmospheric, depressive, folkish black metal. Stellar Descent has self-released several demo albums so far in CD-r or tape editions, most of them including one huge instrumental song. “Accretion” was the band’s first work with lyrics, originally released by Eternal Warfare on tape in 2012. The Chinese label Pest Productions re-released “Accretion” in CD edition in October 2013.       

The album includes only one track, the 48 minutes long composition “Accretion“. Stellar Descent has created a really beautiful and interesting song, with various changes in style, combining different genres, unified under a sad, lonely, depressive and melancholic atmosphere. Melodic, yet very raw atmospheric black metal, many wonderful instrumental passages, acoustic parts, few ambient influences and nature sounds, are the basic elements of A’s music. The band has a clearly underground aesthetic in its sound, very suitable for this genre. Despite its raw unedited nature, the production is quite good, since everything is clear and all instruments seems perfectly balanced in the mix. I like very much the natural and quite technical sound of his drums and the warmth of his acoustic guitars. Stellar Descent have influences from post rock and post metal, while their overall atmosphere has definitely a folk nostalgic mood. Vocals are mostly extreme black metal screams combined with few clean male vocals, with a post and folk touch. His poetic lyrics reflect a deep respect and honest love for nature…

Stellar Descent offer a very good album, that fans of Cascadian black metal should check. “Accretion” sounds to me the most complete work of the band (I haven’t listened to all their work though), a really personal, emotional and interesting song. The album is released by Pest Productions in a nice 6-panel digipak with beautiful landscape photography. You can listen to the complete band discography in its official pages below. Most of its works, except “Accretion” are self released in very limited copies with nice packages, very alluring to collectors. So if you are interested, you better contact A. directly.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Stellar Descent @ Facebook
Stellar Descent @ Bandcamp


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