PERPETUAL DAWN – Pale Blue Skies… (EP)

PERPETUAL DAWN - Pale Blue Skies

Origin: Australia
Genre: Epic Black Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Australore Recordings
Year: 2013

Perpetual Dawn is a new melodic blackened metal band from Adelaide, South Australia, the personal project of Daniel Kuzmanovski. He formed the band in 2009, the same year that he released his first demo “…And Become, the Essence of Night“. Since 2010 Perpetual Dawn is working on its debut EP “Pale Blue Skies…“, whose recording finished in mid 2013. Finally the album was released in the end of 2013 via Australore Recordings.       

Pale Blue Skies…” lasts for 26 minutes and includes totally 6 songs, featuring except for Daniel, 2 guest musicians: Brody Green (drums) and Josh Young (keyboard programming – also in Astral Winter, Atra Vetosus). Perpetual Dawn’s music is a mixture of various genres, with a quite personal sound. The band has very interesting guitars, with epic rhythmic riffs and nice melodic leads, influenced by folk black metal, but with a sound closer to classic heavy and epic metal. Daniel’s vocals are a combination of black metal screams, deep epic clean male vocals, whispers and choirs. I think his vocals, mostly the clean ones, still need a lot of improvement, but I like very much the variety in them that gives much more interest in the music. Synths, acoustic guitars and few folk instruments here and there enrich the band’s sound, which is still dominated by the guitars. My favorite track is “Disclosure (and Loss)” with its wonderful melody. Their lyrics deal with epic dark fantasy themes and they are included in the CD booklet.

Perpetual Dawn seems to be a project with a lot of potential and I am expecting something more complete and professional from them in the near future. In my opinion “Pale Blue Skies…” is a very good EP with nice songs, but its production doesn’t help it at all. The sound is a bit blurred, preventing the nice orchestrations and beautiful melodies from being fully perceived by the listener. Of course it’s only the debut effort of the band, so I am really looking forward to its next step. “Pale Blue Skies…” is released by Australore Recordings in standard jewel-case CD limited to 500 hand numbered copies. It comes with an 8-page booklet, whose cover artwork is by Antonio Jimenez of Brutal Disorder Logos, while layout and photography is by Jessica Erceg. You can visit the band’s official pages below to find more info and listen to their music.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

Perpetual Dawn @ Facebook
Perpetual Dawn @ MySpace
Perpetual Dawn @ Bandcamp


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