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WINDBRUCH - No Stars, Only Full Dark

Cold and mesmerizing atmospheric black metal band Windbruch from the Siberian region of Yugra in the city of Nizhnevartovsk, presents its new full-length album “No Stars, Only Full Dark”. The band released its debut album entitled “Collision of the Worlds” on the last day of 2009 on Sun and Moon Records and a digital split album with Depicting Abysm and Gmork entitled “Silentium!” through Hypnotic Dirge in April 2013. On February 1st 2014, Windbruch released their second full-length album “No Stars, Only Full Dark” in a physical CD edition, as well as a digital download via Hypnotic Dirge Records. With their new effort, Windbruch succeed in creating a delicate and emotional soundtrack for the heart of winter, with a genuine sound rooted firmly in the original aura and atmosphere of black metal, but with a distinct Siberian twist. “No Stars, Only Full Dark” has a strong cinematic component to it, turning the album into a journey. Dialogue from the Russian film “Stalker” is included in the track “Only Full Dark”, while the song “Neswa-Pawuk” is based on the novel “Nomads of the North” from the American writer James Oliver Curwood, who wrote about two fugitives escaping to the Canadian tundra. An ode to all things cold, bleak and distressing, “No Stars, Only Full Dark” is the perfect soundtrack for lonely cold winter nights. Previously self-released in early 2013, this album is now available on CD for the first time!

Rodion, the sole musician behind Windbruch had this to say about the new album:
The whole album is something like a message from silent space or another reality. It is а sonic message to humanity to stop the exploitation of our home planet. Hundreds of years of war and over-consumption of the gifts of nature can not last forever. The future is coming. The dark future without stars. This concept finds reflection in the novel “Nomads of the North” by J. O. Curwood in some chapters and the cover itself refers to the same novel

1. The Dance of Liquid Fire ( 02:38 )
2. No More Entry, No More Exit ( 10:24 )
3. No Stars ( 07:12 )
4. A City on Fire ( 03:00 )
5. Only Full Dark ( 10:05 )
6. Neswa-Pawuk ( 12:07 )
7. Flashback to my Lake ( 03:52 )

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