YAŞRU reveal new album details


Turkish folk doom metal band Yaşru from Istanbul has released its second full-length album ‘‘ÖZ”. Yaşru were founded Berk Öner, ex-member of the split-up Turkish doom metal band Seraphim. In 2007 he started a new project under the name Sidre and in 2009 he renamed the project to Yaşru. Finally in 2012 the band released its debut full-length album “Öd Tengri Yasar“. In Göktürks language, Yaşru means mystery and the bands’ lyrical concept deals with ancient periods of Turkish culture and folklore. They use various local traditional instruments, adding a unique ethnic color in their atmospheric doom metal music. In the beginning of 2014 Yaşru released digitally their new album ”ÖZ”, which can be downloaded on cdbaby and iTunes. Album cover art and graphic design is by Görkem Nurata.

1. Saymalıtaş ( 01:44 )
2. Tunç Yürekliler ( 05:14 )                       
3. Yol Verin Dağlarım ( 05:10 )
4. Yağmur ( 05:38 )
5. Öd Tengri Yasar ( 03:44 )
6. Bilge Kağan’nın Sözü ( 04:45 )
7. Kara Haber ( 05:23 )
8. Gecenin Türküsü ( 06:04 )

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