DEMAIN, WENDIGO – Projections

DEMAIN, WENDIGO - Projections

Origin: Canada
Genre: Ambient Folk Acoustic Pagan Black Metal
Label: Oaken Forge
Year: 2014

Demain, Wendigo is a new project from Canada, formed in 2013 by David Verret aka Bardunor (Hiverna, Monarque, Csejthe, Crèpuscule) and Vincent Marceau. This mainly acoustic project was forged with the intention to create epic folk music speaking about local myths and legends. On January 27th, 2014 the band self-released its debut full-length album “Projections“, both digitally and in physical CD via Bardunor’s own label Oaken Forge.                     

While the core of their music is clearly rooted on acoustic folk music, Demain, Wendigo has a quite variable sound with a very experimental mood. Their beautiful acoustic and classical guitars are of course the leading instruments of their compositions and the ones that characterize their sound. There are parts when their acoustic style brings in mind early Ulver or Empyrium, but most of the time the band has a very personal sound in its acoustic guitars, with a somehow “staccato” folkloric color. They don’t hesitate to add distorted electric guitars too and there are several atmospheric pagan black metal passages in their compositions. Furthermore they experiment with atmospheric synths, piano, folk instruments, ambient parts and some neofolk elements that give a completely different dimension to the whole project. They use black metal screaming vocals, background epic clean vocals and choirs as well as several spoken or whispered parts and recitations, some of them sounding like excerpts from movies. Their lyrics are in French Canadian and they are all included in the CD booklet.

Demain, Wendigo is a very interesting project, exploring a much calmer side of epic folk music than what Dave (Bardunor) has offered us so far with his other bands. ”Projections” includes 13 tracks with a total duration a little over 50 minutes. The production is good, with a very nice sound, sometimes clear and natural and other times more distorted, always fitting the atmosphere of the songs. It is released in standard jewel-case CD with a 12-page booklet, whose logo, artwork and graphics are all by David himself. You can visit the band’s official Bandcamp page to listen to the complete album and find more info if you are interested.


Rating:  (8/10)

Demain, Wendigo @ Bandcamp


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