GOD – THE BARBARIAN HORDE reveal upcoming EP details


Romanian barbarian folk metallers from Iasi GOD – The Barbarian Horde celebrate 20 years of existence. Given this occasion, the band will soon release an EP entitled “Zal Mox“, which will comprise 5 songs. It will serve as a preview for their upcoming new full-length conceptual album “Forefathers: A Spiritual Heritage“, scheduled for release towards the end of 2014! With the release of the EP, GOD has made plans for 2 tours. The first one is scheduled to run sometimes around April in the eastern and south-eastern cities, while the second is meant to cover some of the cities in the country’s center and western regions. The band has revealed “Zal Mox” cover artwork and tracklist and you can already listen to the song “Greuceanul” in their Bandcamp page below.

1. Legea Pământului                                 
2. Doina
3. Greuceanul
4. Glia
5. Tribes Of The Frightening Forests

Recording Line-up:
Constantin ‘Costel Castor’ Lapusneanu (vocals & lyrics)
Eugen ‘Gelu’ Lapusneanu (lead & rhythm guitars)
Dan Radu ‘Duddu’ Talpalariu (vocals, rhythm guitars & lyrics)
Ciprian Bogdan ‘Pomo’ Pomohaci (bass)
Anelisse Bivol Nigel (vocals & violin)
Emanuel ‘Manu’ Filip (keyboards)
Sergiu ‘Ursu’ Dimidof (drums & percussion)

Guest musicians:
Silviu Strajeru (choir)
Tata Litzae (choir)
Radu (dulcimer & flute)
Iulian (accordion)

GOD The Barbarian Horde official page
GOD The Barbarian Horde @ Facebook
GOD The Barbarian Horde @ Twitter
GOD The Barbarian Horde @ Bandcamp


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