RUYAN reveal upcoming album details

RUYAN - Lebed Belaya

Russian pagan folk metal band Руян (Ruyan) from Naberezhnye Chelny is ready to release its second full-length album “Лебедь Белая“. The new album will be released by the Russian label SoundAge Productions, but the exact released date isn’t announced yet. Руян were formed in 2009, presenting a harmonious combination of metal and folk music: gloomy and folksy guitar riffs, clean and growling female vocals by Daria “Rodonitsa” and traditional instruments. The band released its debut full-length album “Наследие – Heritage” in 2010. Their new album title “Лебедь Белая” translates to “White Swan” and the band has already unveiled its beautiful cover artwork and the tracklist.

1. Лебедь белая                                     
2. Воевода
3. Забвение
4. Печаль птицы – девицы
5. Сон
6. Дружина
7. Буза
8. Деды – Прадеды
9. Царица скорби
10. Куст Ракитовый

Ruyan official page
Ruyan @ Facebook
Ruyan @ VK


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