KORRIGANS reveal debut album details

KORRIGANS - Ferocior ad Rebellandum

Italian folk black metal band Korrigans from the Pontine Marshes will release its debut full-length album “Ferocior Ad Rebellandum” around the half of March 2014. This album will be independent, but the band will also start looking for a label soon. ”Ferocior Ad Rebellandum” will be available both in digital format and in jewel case CD. Korrigans were formed by Solstafir and Torc, with the idea is to compose melodies derived from European folk and Celtic music, enriched by massive black metal components, designed to remember the history of their ancestors and their pagan traditions. In 2012 the band released the 6-track demo “Korrigans“. The concept of “Ferocior Ad Rebellandum” is taken by a description written by Tito Livio (a Roman historic) about Volsci, an ancient folk that lived in their land. The concept narrates about the days around the battle of Corbium, 446BC. The battle was between Romans and Volsci, who rebelled because Rome wanted to dominate their land, Latium. The story puts together historical elements like this, but also legends or myths. The band wants to create a kind of epic poem, with the aim to narrate the almost-unknown history of the Volsci with characters typical of the epic sagas. Korrigans unveiled the cover artwork and the album tracklist.

1. Proemio
2. Latium Vetus
3. Il Baluardo
4. Iter Bellicum I: L’Aruspice
5. Iter Bellicum II: Le Saturnie Mura
6. Corbium Capta Est
7. Bacchanalia
8. Rebellio
9. Ferocior Ad Rebellandum
10. L’Animo Degli Eroi

Solstafir – drums
Torc – guitars, acoustic guitars, bouzouki, tin & low whistles
Ensis – guitars
Spiorad – accordion, keyboards
Thanatos – vocals
Dalk – bass

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