ATAVICUS prepare debut EP


In the night of winter solstice 2013, after the strong experience with their past band Draugr, the singer Lupus-Nemesis and the guitar player Triumphator decided to join forces in a new project named Atavicus (from latin Atavus = Ancestor) with the intent to perpetrate with their music the story, the traditions and the beauty of their native place. Musically this project will be very epic, even aggressive and with a bit classic metal tunes in a sort of mix which can be called Italic pagan heavy metal. The band is preparing its debut Ep “Ad Maiora“, which will be released via the Irish label Nemeton Records. The EP includes an intro, 4 songs, an interlude and a cover song. Atavicus are currently recording the album, while the final stage of production will be entrusted to the ACME Recording Studio. Stay tuned for more details.

Lupus Nemesis – vocals, guitars, acoustic guitars, programming
Triumphator – guitars, bass, backing vocals

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