CEREVISIA unveil debut album details

CEREVISIA - Trails of a Walker

French epic pagan black death metallers Cerevisia from Marseille have revealed the first details of their debut full-length album called “Trails of a Walker“, which will be released at the end of Spring. Cerevisia were formed in late 2010 and since their beginning they have experienced several line-up changes and genre redirections before they finally gather a stable line-up and conclude to their music style in early 2012. Their lyrical concept deals with pagan themes, ancient folk tales, epic battles and tavern songs. Cerevisia have unveiled ”Trails of a Walker” cover artwork, album tracklist, as well as a video teaser that you can watch below.

1. Brace Yourself
2. Sword’s Dance
3. Ancient Gods                            
4. Diviciacos
5. Dumnorix
6. Once a Night
7. Flight of the Crows
8. Summon the Nightbringer
9. The Walker
10. Heroic Charge
11. One More Beer (Bonus Track)

Steph’ – vocals
Antho – lead guitars
Marty – rhythm guitars
Maxime – bass
Joh’ – synths
Auré – drums

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