ZAKLON re-release demo album

ZAKLON - The Destroyed Greatness

Belarusian one man black metal band Zaklon has just re-released its demo album “Зруйнаваная Веліч – Zruynavana Velіch” from 2006. Honest and straightforward black metal, recorded eight years ago, covered with moss and sprouting roots in the Belarusian land. The demo, which translates to “The Destroyed Greatness“, was originally self-released in the form of black & white publishing. Now it acquired a new full-color design and a decent circulation, preserving the sanctity of its unique musical essence. It was officially released on March 15th 2014 in jewel-case CD, with 4-page booklet via the Russian label Ярь Productions.

1. З глыбіні вякоў праклён
2. Песнь дажджу                                                      
3. Зруйнаваная веліч
4. Калі ноч пахавае надзею
5. Пад чорным сонцам
6. Пахаванне хрыста

Total Time: 38:40



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