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EPTA ASTERA - Semper Reformanda

Epta Astera is a Gregorian folk metal band from Virginia. Epta Astera is the solo project of Cameron, who finds expression by hearkening back to the pinnacle of Christian musical innovation: the Gregorian chant. Taking polyphonic harmonies and melismatic melodies and fusing them with atmospheric post metal and sundry folk instruments, the result is aggression, melancholy and beauty. Cameron believes in the virtue and power of free culture. Every work of Epta Astera, once released, is available for free download and source tracks are available upon request for remixing (or amusement, or whatever else). In 2009, Epta Astera released “Saligia“, a concept album about the seven deadly sins with industrial and symphonic influences. In 2013 the band released “Semper Reformanda“, a five-song EP with post-black metal influence and eschewing the symphonic element, corresponding to the five Solas of Reformation doctrine. Epta Astera has just opened its Bandcamp, where you can listen to both albums. You should give them a listen, it’s really unique and beautiful music!!!

Epta Astera official page
Epta Astera @ Facebook
Epta Astera @ Bandcamp


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