SVARUN reveal new album details

SVARUN - The Legacy Vol I - The Land

International symphonic progressive metal band Сварун (Svarun) will soon release its new album “Завештање I: Земља (The Legacy Vol. I: The Land)“. All music and lyrics are written by Nikola Pacek-Vetnić from Serbia, who is the creator and mastermind of the band. The new album was recorded between July 2013 and December 2013. Rodion’s vocals were recorded in Moscow, Russian Federation, Viktoriya‘s vocals in Sverdlovsk and Lugansk, Ukraine, guitars at Svarun Studios, Novi Sad, by Nikola Pacek-Vetnić, bass guitars at home, by Einar Storlien. The album was mixed by Nikola Pacek-Vetnić in Svarun Studios and mastered by Nikola Pacek-Vetnić.

Завештање I: Земља“ is written as part of a trilogy that, in its entirety, explores the three pillars that form any state throughout the history and therefore constitute its legacy – its Land (together with its people, its dead and its sacred dead), its Society and the Culture of the people of such a land. This concept takes Svarun away from the topics discussed in its first release, which were rooted mainly in the Slavic world, a fact that is to be changed only in the first release planned for after the trilogy has been completed. “Завештање I: Земља” is scheduled for release in May 2014 digitally and the band is currently looking for a label to release it in CD edition too. Cover artwork and album tracklist are already unveiled.

1. Завештање (The Legacy)
2. Земља (The Land)
3. Крв (The Blood)
4. Гробови (The Graves)
5. Звезде (The Stars)

Виктория Каргина (Viktoriya Kargina), Sverdlovsk (UA) – soprano, alto
Родион Китаев (Rodion Kitaev), Moscow (RUS) – tenor, bass
Bojan Vukoman, Novi Sad (SER) – guitars
Einar Storlien, Harstad (NOR) – bass guitar
Nikola Pacek-Vetnić, Novi Sad (SER) – drums

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