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------ - Demo

Coming from Plzeň of Czech Republic, this weird named band ██████ (actually it’s unnamed) has signed to the Chinese label Pest Productions to release officially their 2013 demo “Demo“. The band was founded in the end of 2011 and started playing concerts at March of 2012. ██████ plays a mixture of black-metal, post-hardcore and screamo with ambient elements. Their lyrics reflect the personal feelings of some of their members and the album is  separated to four parts (songs). Their music is melodic, atmospheric and depressed. If you like Deafheaven, and early Alcest or Lantlôs, don’t miss them! “Demo” will be released on March 30th 2014 in digipak edition limited to 500 copies, already available for pre-order on their label’s e-shop.

01. I – 07:02
02. II – 04:44                       
03. III – 06:19
04. IV – 06:34

Michal – vocals, ambient sounds
Petr – guitars
Martin – guitars, ambient sounds
Majty – guitars
Palma – drums

██████ official page
██████ @ Facebook
██████ @ Bandcamp


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