STWORZ reveal upcoming album details

STWORZ - Coz po Zyznych Ziemiach

Pagan folk metallers Stworz from Poland have revealed some details of their upcoming third full-length album “Cóż po Żyznych Ziemiach…“. The new album will be released by Werewolf Promotions, hopefully in May 2014. The band has already released a promo track that you can listen in their official pages below, where you can also find all lyrics of the upcoming album and their translations in English. “Cóż po Żyznych Ziemiach…” is a very diversified album, since there will be more songs like the promo track, but folk metal tracks as well. Stworz unveiled the wonderful cover artwork and the album tracklist.

1. Wyraj
2. Nim Wróci Wiosna… ( Until Spring Returns… )                             
3. Matka Ziemia, Ojciec Słońce ( Mother Earth, Father Sun )
4. Tęsknota ( The Longing )
5. Mój Kraj ( My land )
6. Koło Życia ( The Wheel of Life )
7. Zażynki
8. By dla Słońca Pieśni Śpiewać… ( To Sing Songs for the Sun )
9. Gdy Słońce Przemierza Bezkresne Niebiosa… ( When Sun Journeys through Endless Skies… )
10. Wieczne Słońce ( Eternal Sun )
11. Cóż po Żyznych Ziemiach… ( What of Fertile Lands…? )
12. Z Tamtej Strony Jeziora ( On the Other Side of the Lake )

Stworz official page
Stworz @ Facebook
Stworz @ Bandcamp


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