FAANEFJELL will release new single

FAANEFJELL - Haex & Djaevel

Norwegian folk black metallers Faanefjell from Kristiansand have announced the release of their new single “Hæx & Djævel” (Witch & Devil) and revealed many details about its lyrical concept. The new single will be released in just one week from now both in CD and in digital formats. The band has already unveiled the beautiful cover artwork. At their release party in Kristiansand, Faanefjell will be supported by the Danish viking metal horde Vanir. Both bands promise a great time for all who’ll be there! “Hæx & Djævel” is the story of Maren, and how the devil tricked her into giving up her humanity. You can read more details about the concept here:     

In Vardø, one of the northernmost Norwegian regions, one of the largest Scandinavian witch trials took place in 1621. This happened after a new law of sorcery and witchcraft was issued in the Danish-Norwegian union, and as a result, many women were burned alive.

In Kiberg, a small town in the farthest region of Norway the, Mari Jørgensdatter and Kirsti Sørensdatter, two local women who was believed to be in league with the Devil were burned at the stake.

These are historical facts, but our story revolves around a third witch, Maren Hendriksdatter, of whom history holds no account. A fair maid of the township of Kiberg, she had always been accepted by the community, yet feared for her odd behaviour. At some nights, she would venture out into the full moon to gather herbs, and people in Kiberg would say that she could also speak with the trees.

One night, she wandered too far from home, and met an elegant man, Old Erik, deep in the woods. Old Erik demanded that she surrendered her most valuable possession before he would let her go home.

Maren offered him her golden ring, but Erik declined. “My hill is full of golden jewelry and gemstones, and I have no need for your ring.”
Then, she offered him her first-born son, but the man declined. “I know that I will see the ocean burning before any man will take you as his wife.”
Finally, she offered him the one thing that she held dearest – the heart that beat in her maiden chest. The old man smiled, his green eyes ablaze with avarice, and Maren nodded as she let him take what he so desired.

The morning after, Maren Hendriksdatter of Kiberg was found in the churchyard, freezing and trembling with a scar on her chest. She never became the same fair maid again, and is said – even today – to roam the woods of Vardø in search for her heart.

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