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Russian pagan folk metal band Веда (Veda) from Rybinsk has announced the release of its second full-length album “Под Навесом Боевых Знамён“, two years after its debut work “Тайных дорог позабыты следы“. The new album title translates to “Under the Shelter of Battle Flags” and it will be released in CD via the Russian label SoundAge Productions on April 10th, 2014. The album was recorded in 2013, mixed and mastered by Roman Levin. Веда have revealed the album tracklist, as well as the cover artwork, designed by Evgeniy Vorobyov.

1. Песнь o Соколе
2. Сказ Холодных Земель                   
3. Кий-Кузнец
4. Витязь
5. Кто Здесь Воронов Кормил
6. Ветры-Хранители
7. Незрячий
8. Гордый Русич
9. Пусть Омоет Дождь

Artem – vocal / flute
Alexander – bass
Ksenia – vocal
Igor – guitar
Michail – keys
Alexander – drums

Veda @ Facebook
Veda @ VK


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