TIMOR ET TREMOR announce release date of new album

TIMOR ET TREMOR - Upon Bleak Grey Fields

German pagan black metallers Timor et Tremor’s new album will be entitled “Upon Bleak Grey Fields“. For the first time you will get the chance for a “physical” CD since all their previous releases were digital downloads. The album was recorded on MetalSound Studio and will be published by Black Skull Records (a division of SMP Records). Its release date is scheduled for 15th of June 2012. ”Upon Bleak Grey Fields” album will be available as CD and download. Timor et Tremor are already searching for gigs.

01. Of Fame And Doom
02. Solstice
03. Eternal Woe
04. Nights Radiance
05. Shores Of Light
06. Helrunar
07. Funeral Dawn
08. Northern Lights (re-recording)

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