BASARABIAN HILLS release their third album on CD

BASARABIAN HILLS - In the Stillness of the Codrii

Atmospheric ambient black metal band Basarabian Hills from Făleşti of Moldova will soon release its third full-length album on digipak CD limited to 200 copies. It will be released via the French label Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions, the label that released both its previous albums. Basarabian Hills is the personal project of Spirit of the Forest, who started this band in the end of 2011. “In the Stillness of the Codrii” is his third work, which was actually released digitally in the summer of 2013 (Codrii is the name of the forests that grow in the hilly part of Moldova). The album includes 4 songs, each one lasting exactly 10 minutes and you can listen to them in their official Bandcamp page, together with the fourth full-length album “Groping In A Misty Spread“, which will also be released later this year on CD via Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions. “In the Stillness of the Codrii” will hopefully be out until the end of April 2014, since it’s already sent for print…

1. Wanderer through the Melancholy of the Woods (Part 1)
2. Wanderer through the Melancholy of the Woods (Part 2)
3. In the Stillness of the Codrii
4. Decline of an Old Tree

Basarabian Hills @ Facebook
Basarabian Hills @ VK
Basarabian Hills @ Bandcamp


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