EXULTET reveal upcoming album details

EXULTET - At the Gates of Christendom

Sicilian epic folk black metallers Exultet are back after 4 years of silence and they will soon release their fifth full-length album, entitled “At the Gates of Christendom“. After the departure of Argoth from the band, Farz decided to continue Exultet as a solo project and began writing new songs. The music continues in the same style, bringing together elements of Arabic and medieval folk, Viking and epic battle blackened metal. The first part of ”At the Gates of Christendom” describes the Otranto invasion by the army of the Ottoman Empire in 1480 and the second part the decisive battle of Lepanto, won by the Holy League in 1571. The album contains 7 tracks with a total playtime around 50 minutes, including as bonus track a re-recorded version of “The Norman Ascent” for the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the debut album “Urbs Felix” from 2004. The band is currently looking for a label and the CD will be hopefully released the summer of 2014. More details will soon be revealed.

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