DEMENTIA AD VITAM reveal new album details

DEMENTIA AD VITAM - L'Eloge de l'Origine

French dark folk, neoclassical band Dementia Ad Vitam will soon release its third full-length album, entitled “L’Éloge de l’Origine“. According to the band, the new work will be quite different from its first 2 releases, “Spirit of the Trees” in 2008 via Occultum Productions and “De Gaïa, le Poison…” in 2010 via Naturmacht Productions. “L’Éloge de l’Origine“ will be released in April 30th 2014 via Owltree, the new sub-label of Chinese Pest Productions, which will be dedicated to phenomenal, melancholic and beautiful dark folk, forest folk and ritual folk music. ”L’Éloge de l’Origine” will come out in a limited to 300 copies 6-panel digisleeve CD, including a 12-page booklet with paintings by Chaim Drishner! It is already available for listening in their label’s official Bandcamp page that you can check in the links below.               


First Part: Les Égarés Aberrants
1. Observer, Comme l’Infâme Ignorant
2. L’hideuse Folie de cet Être
3. Malades et Souffrants
4. Ceux qui ne Voulaient Voir
5. Plus Maître de Rien

Second Part: A se Gausser du Négligeable
6. Les Yeux Fermés
7. A l’Aube de l’Obédience
8. Souviens-toi des Doux Bois
9. L’Arsenic des Regrets
10. Les Corbeaux du Temple

Third Part: Cheminement Lucide par l’Éther
11. La Voix des Opprimés
12. Les Atomes Impatients
13. Les Terres Retrouvées
14. Aussi Loin que l’on Pourra
15. L’Énigme Imparfaite

Dementia ad Vitam @ Facebook
Dementia ad Vitam – L’Éloge de l’Origine @ Bandcamp


2 Responses to DEMENTIA AD VITAM reveal new album details

  1. I’ve got their album De Gaïa, le Poison…, purchased from Naturmacht (great label!).

    I hope this one will be as good. Quality music !

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