ZEUGEN DER LEERE release new album

ZEUGEN DER LEERE - Seelenwanderer

Modern atmospheric dark black metallers Zeugen der Leere from Germany have released their second full-length album “Seelenwanderer” on April 11th 2014. It is a studio project born in the end of 2009 under the name Ruin of Remembrance and released its debut full-length album “Second World” in March 2012. In the beginning of 2014 the band changed its name to Zeugen der Leere and soon its new album was out. They distribute their music only for free on the internet, so if you want to listen to this great atmospheric band, you better follow the links to their official pages, or watch the official video teaser for “Seelenwanderer” below.

1. Intro [Pulsschlag]
2. Der Seelenwanderer                                      
3. Anomie
4. Angstgebilde
5. Verbrannte Bilder
6. Forsaken Astronaut (Erkryss Cover)
7. Tänzer im Nebel
8. Untergang
9. Canis Majoris
10. Komplex der Vergessenen
11. Outro [Koma]

Zeugen der Leere official page
Zeugen der Leere @ Facebook
Zeugen der Leere @ Bandcamp


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