JARUN unveil first details of upcoming album

JARUN - Pod Niebem Utkanym z Popiolu

Progressive pagan black metallers Jarun from Poland present us the first details of their upcoming work “Pod Niebem Utkanym z Popiołu“, the successor of their debut album “Wziemiozstąpienie” from 2012. The new album, whose title translates to “Under the Sky Woven from Ash“, will consist of 9 tracks with a total duration about 54 minutes. Most probably it will be self released in digipak format and it will hopefully be out in the summer of 2014. Their music remains progressive black metal with some minor folk influences now, while the tracks of “Pod Niebem Utkanym z Popiołu” will be longer and more complex. Jarun have just unveiled the cover artwork, as well as the album tracklist.

1. Intro
2. Kamienie (Stones)
3. Zawołaj Mnie, a Przyjdę (Call me and I’ll Come)                   
4. Pod Niebem Utkanym z Popiołu (Under the Sky Woven from Ash)
5. Cisy (Yews)
6. Noc Niedokończona (Unfinished Night)
7. Trzy Śmierci (Three Deaths)
8. Piołun (Wormwood)
9. Jak Wiatr (Like a Wind)

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