STEIGNYR release new EP

STEIGNYR - The Legend

Epic Celtic death metallers Steignyr from Barcelona, Spain are soon releasing a new EP, entitled “The Legend“. Steignyr were formed in 2012 by Jön Thörgrimr and the same year released a 3-track demo, while in 2013 their first full-length album “The Voice of the Forest” was out. Their upcoming EP “The Legend” will include 5 new songs, with the collaboration of Rose Avalon (from Rose Avalon) and Javi Crosas (from Drakum). It was recorded on Rose Avalon’s studio, while mixing and mastering is by Bestpluguins. ”The Legend” will be released on CD in May 2014. Cover artwork and album tracklist are already revealed.

1. Wrath of the Gods                 
2. Dragon’s Tale
3. Celtic Land
4. Steignyr
5. Midgard: The land of Heroes

Jön Thörgrimr – vocals, guitars
Hyrtharia – keyboards
Jörmun – guitars
Alaricus Ficarus – bass
Harald – drums

Steignyr official page
Steignyr @ Facebook


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  1. OH!! Great band, impresionant sound and music!! Good job!.

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